Why Core 4?

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Check out EIGHT IMPORTANT REASONS why your supplement program should come from Core 4 Nutrition!

Ask yourself is your current nutritional plan meet these same criteria.

The Core 4 nutrients form your body’s health and fitness FOUNDATION.

While there are thousands of different dietary supplements you could be taking, the Core 4 Program offers a targeted, measurable approach to comprehensive nutritional support. Extensive research has enabled us to identify the four, key nutrients linked most significantly to improved cellular health and fitness.  These Core 4 nutrients are the absolute essentials your body needs for optimum health and performance.


The Core 4 offer LASTING health and performance benefits.

While many of our clients feel more positive and energetic after just a few weeks on the Core 4 Program, our ultimate goal is to help you realize measurable, lasting, and long-term results. Take the “inside out” approach to maximizing your health and performance gains; use the Core 4 nutrients to restore, recharge, and recover! 

Build your house on a firm foundation by optimizing your micro-nutrient, vitamin D3, omega 3 and anti-oxidant levels for more energy, increased strength, improved endurance, a leaner body—just a few of the many benefits that you’ll experience from becoming more PHYSIOLOGICALLY fit! 


The Core 4 offer a SYNERGISTIC supplement solution.

Each of the four, key nutrients included in the program works in conjunction with the others to enhance their combined effectiveness for optimal and lasting results. When taken regularly together these simple—yet powerful—food-based formulas are all your body really needs to succeed!  Hundreds of active men and women have used the Core 4 Program to achieve significant, long-lasting health and fitness results.  And by using this synergistic system to optimize your body’s cellular health, you can too!

The Core 4 make promises they CAN keep.

Are your nutritional supplements really working? With the Core 4, you won’t have to guess! While we can—and do—promise that our products will have a significant and positive impact on your physiological health, the at-home assessments which have been included in the cost of your program will prove it!

Chances are you’ll quickly begin to notice the positive benefits that stem from the regular, consistent use of the Core 4 formulas. And while looking leaner and feeling more energetic are great, the most important changes are happening deep inside your body—at the cellular level—where they can’t be seen or felt.  Assessing your key, physiological factors at regular intervals will allow you to scientifically measure your progress toward optimal fitness and health!   


The Core 4 are a CUSTOM fit.

From a physiological standpoint, your body is completely unique—and so is its need for nutritional supplements.  By using the at-home assessments that have been included in the cost of your Core 4 Program, you’ll have the ability to measure your results and, if necessary, adjust your product dosage to satisfy your body’s individual needs. 

Despite what you may have read in a magazine or heard from a friend, there is no magic solution or one-size-fits-all formula for maximizing your personal health and fitness potential. But with the use of our tried, true and targeted program, you can be absolutely sure YOUR nutrient needs are being met.  With the Core 4, there will be no more uncertainty or guesswork!

The Core 4 AREN’T faking it.

Although the inexpensive prices of the supplement products sold by major retailers may be tempting, the vast majority of these products contain more non-nutritive fillers and preservatives than vitamins and minerals.  Many contain synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum extracts and coal tars. And the natural ingredients they do contain have been treated with acids, aldehydes, hexanes and other harmful agents.  

In reality, these synthetic isolates are vitamin and mineral look-alikes are not easily recognized or utilized by the body.  At best, they are ineffective.  And they may be doing more harm than good.  The Core 4 nutrients are made exclusively from real food concentrates—from fruits, vegetables and herbs.  They don’t contain any of the fillers, additives, genetically-modified or potentially-toxic ingredients that other nutritional supplements contain. And in addition to being more pure, our whole-food nutrients are more potent because they are better recognized and utilized by the body.



The Core 4 are CONVENIENT.

You will no longer run out of a key nutrient or product or spend time rerordering or paying for shipping. In addition to being shipped for FREE directly to your front door every two months, your Core 4 supplements are packaged for both convenience and portability. Whether you’re at home or on the road, the Core 4 have got you covered—from the inside out!  


The Core 4 offer PROVEN results.

Think about it. Do you really know if the formula you are taking is really working? Are you absorbing or does it even do what it says it will. At Core 4, we won’t sell a product unless we know it works. That’s why each and every one of our formulas is tried, true—and tested through a combination of assessments and direct feedback from our hundreds of regular Core 4 Nutrition program members. When you are using Core 4 Nutrition formulas, you can have comfort knowing we choose the best of the best to bring into our targeted selection of nutritional formulas. 

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