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Membership has been a great thing with the core4nutrition!  I haven’t been sick (flu or cold) since I’ve been taking your (stuff) great products!

Michelle Glascock, Bakersfield, California  

As age 50 approaches (next April), fitness pursuits don't seem to be dwindling. However, regardless of what training strategies are implemented, the body simply doesn't respond the same way it does in our 20s and 30s. With some significant stretch goals on tap for 2015 and 2016, I had a sense nutrition would be the key element to having the opportunity to achieve those goals. So of course I turned to the expert - Dr. Richard Cohen - and he's been tremendous.  The personalized approach exceeds anything you've ever experienced, and the outcomes - well, let's just say "so far, so good!"  We just completed the 3,000 mile Race Across America, winning the overall (not just the "old guys") 2-person division by a significant margin. 9 weeks from now I'll be lining up at Ironman Lake Tahoe. And then 5 weeks later is the NY Marathon. It's a crazy 4 months, but Dr. Cohen's guidance will be critical to optimizing the outcomes!"

Brad Cooper CEO US Corporate Wellness, Denver, Colorado 

My wife and I are sold on Core 4 Nutrition after years of using the products. The true,unrealized benefit of good health and increased performance that comes along with using the products and living a clean lifestyle are overlooked or not considered by many as they want immediate results and gratification for their money.

Trust me when I say that I refer my patients to Core 4 Nutrition all the time. Unfortunately, most of them will be content spending $60/month on synthetic Vit D, Glucosamine where they see little benefit. They are not willing to invest more money into their health. Clearly, when people do start the Core 4 program they see results and stay with it long term. Thanks again for your continued guidance and support.

Jason Mazza, PA Trinity, Florida

I'm loving the products and how I'm starting to feel because of them. Thank you for the info you sent me on hormone issues regarding hot flashes. Very helpful information.

Robin Vincent, Ann Arbor, Michigan

By the way, I ran the Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon last Friday on the eve of my 55th birthday. Most challenging physically and mentally run EVER. 88 km, 22 hours, with about 25,000 feet of ascending/descending. Charge! Fundaminos, Fruit and Veggie Might, Cricket got me thru it! What else does a girl need on a run anyway?! Our S3 team did awesome!  The first 48 hours after were a bit rough, but I generally snap back pretty quick after that. Quads/calves are normal, fatigue is gone, blisters are all healed…I swear Core4 has so much to do with my great recovery. I am also 100% whole plant based now and feel a vitality and clarity that I’ve never felt. No inflammation, more energy and feel fast, naturally satiated.

Lee Rinne, Calgary Alberta Canada 

Before I started on the Core 4 Nutrition program, I had to go home and crawl into bed after every long run. I was so tired I couldn't see straight..... When I take Fundamino's right after exercise I no longer feel the need to nap. This past Sunday I forgot to take Fundaminos after I ran 75 minutes and 2 hours later I had to go to bed I was so tired. Lesson learned - don't forget your post workout funds!

Rhonnie Herr Andrews 

Just received my products in the mail and had my first dose of Chocoberry blast with almond milk.  It was great!   I love that there is no need to buy any additional supplements.  Thank you!

Carol Letner

I drink my Core 4 protein and Veggie/Fruit supplement with either unsweetened Coconutmilk or Almond milk--low calories and it keeps hunger away for hours. Snacks are almonds and peanuts. I also take Core4 supplements. His approach is health, not weight loss---but it happens as a positive side effect. 

Jack Farr, M.D.

I truly appreciate the science behind your products & the check ups along the way. I really like the new Chocoberry Blast!

Barbara Schlie

The Core4 is going GREAT! I feel significantly more energized. I feel more sustained, natural energy. And feel a significant uptick in my endurance training. I had no idea the effects would be so immediate.  I love the taste of all of your products - the Choco Berry (and I don't even like chocolate that much!), the RemeD, and the Just Peachy taste great. 

Peter Grace 

I really like the flavour of Chocoberry Blast! I mix mine with homemade almond or cashew milk and it’s delicious. I also wanted to share with you a very pleasant response to the program. Around mid summer 2013 I noticed a stiffness and slight swelling in my right hand only upon waking up each morning. Difficulty making a fist and straightening out my hand. When I would get up in the night to go to the bathroom I noticed it starting slightly, then it would be worse in the morning. It would only last an hour or so then go away. I had a RA blood test and x-ray. Both negative for arthritis, or and inflammation of the joints.  Consequently since taking Core 4 it has disappeared. There is the slightest discomfort when I pick up something heavy like a cast iron pan, but otherwise the symptoms are gone.

Lee Rinne   

Just started my supplements over the weekend.  The just peachy fish oil tastes fantastic!!  I also really like the Chocoberry Blast!  

Stella Knight 

Since I have been on your program, this is the longest I have had a healthy stretch while training in a very long time.  I am liking the results! Thanks.

Mike Waring

I have been on the Core 4 supplements now for four months. I wanted to let you know that at 50 years old, I feel better than I have in years. I am actively losing weight and finally understand how important solid nutrition has to be for success.  Since I have an interest in natural bodybuidling, I have taken a lot of supplements in the past and selected them based on what I was "sold" via marketing.  One company catering to that market actually had me take 14 different supplements. The great thing is that on Core 4, I am getting lean without them. I finally get it that you need to restore the critical factors for your health foundation. I can truly FEEL the difference in energy and stamina.  I very much looking forward to what the my long term benefits are going to be. One other thing, thanks for the great customer service as well.

John Weber 

The Core 4 program is working very well for me.  Many people have noticed a "slimmed down" appearance.  I think I've lost about 20-25 lbs. My clothes now fit and I am feeling much, much better.  In short...I am delighted with the results and the change has taken very little effort.  I am proud/glad to be an example of your program.

Doug Greene 

All is good do far. I am following a diet based around nutritional ketosis (blood ketones around 1.5mg/mmol) so the supplements really work well (especially the greens supplement). My mood and energy levels have been at their highest for years!

Graeme Turner 

I have been on the Core4 nutrition packs for only 4 weeks and  I’ve noticed a big improvement in my concentration levels at work, I feel more rested (I’m sleeping sounder), and I have wanted to “move” more, so I’ve added time to my weekly workouts.  Another interesting improvement is my finger/toe nails are growing longer because they don’t split or break as easily, and my hair seems fuller.  The Core4 is certainly helping fuel my system! 

Michele Glasrock

Thank you again for your support.  I like your products very much and I'm saving money by not going helter skelter on all the stuff that's out there!  

Walker Stradley 

What I really like about Core 4 Nutrition is that it’s measurable.  Just like training with a heart rate monitor or power meter can help you assess the effectiveness of your training program, the Core 4 Program lets you see how well your body's nutrient needs are being met.  Thanks to this comprehensive, easy-to follow program, I don't have to guess about which supplements I should be taking or if they're really working. 

Larry Miller

I had been taking what I thought was the best brand of vitamin D for over a year, but I was wasting my money on a product that didn’t really work!  By using the at-home assessments available through the Core 4 Program, I have been able to measure my progress.  I know for sure that the supplements I’m taking really work.

Cath Stephens

The Core 4 program has changed the way I think about nutritional supplements. I used to take a shotgun approach, buying and trying almost every new product I heard about. Now I have a targeted plan for giving my body what I know it really needs.  And I love the fact that I’m actually spending less money on supplements than I did before!

Mark Brown 

Thanks to the convenience of the Core 4 nutrient packs, I’ve been able to take supplements regularly for the first time in my life!  I travel extensively for my job and found it impractical to take anything more than muti-vitamin along.  I can fit enough Core 4 packs in my purse to get me through an entire week on the road.  I can’t believe how simple it is to do something that’s so important for both my mind and my body.

Marilyn Glaser

I thought the fish oil and vitamin D I was taking were getting the job done. They were highly recommended and a name brand, boy was I surprised when my assessments showed that my levels were no where near the optimal. Within four months on the Core 4 Nutritional formulas, my vitamin D and oemga 3 levels are in the top 99%. And I truly feel the difference.

Pat Staveley

I wanted to let you know the results of my salivary nitric oxide and urine antioxidant assessments. The nitric oxide was low and the the antioxidant free radical assessment was high. I have been feeling much better. Overall my sleep, energy level and concentration have improved dramatically. The stiffness and tightness I was experiencing has reduced by 50%. I'm very pleased with the progress in only four months. I'd like to continue with the Core4 program to get the nitric oxide and antioxidant levels in the normal range. Also I'm hopeful that by continuing with the program my tightness and stiffness will eventually go away.

Brian Schemp  

I fainlly feel like I'm on the right path. There is like a million things I need to change in my life for optimal health it seems, but breaking it down seems more doable. Cheers to steps in the right direction. 

Steph Cosina

I handled 100-lb dumbbells for incline presses the other day. I’ve done it before and I don’t think I’ve actually gotten stronger recently but I will say that as my nutrition continues to improve and quite possibly as we put out even more “fires” within me my joints just didn’t hurt as bad and that’s why I felt confident to go for the big boys. Did 10 reps – was really pleased with that. This is a concept rarely if ever discussed – “strength” improvements from reductions in inflammation. Perhaps not really “strength” as much as it is the fact the joints just don’t hurt as bad.

Dave Greenwalt

Turn 65 in April so not sure what that means other than them taking more money to pay for premiums. Just to refresh you my last physical at Emory, the Doctor said things were much better and he wished all his patients were doings as well.   

Rod Coggin

Thank you so much for your response. It means a lot to know you care about your customers/clients. I would like to add my husband now. Thank you for all of your support!! We are spreading the word here in Wenatchee!!!:) 

I just ran 14 miles and it seriously felt like 5!!!! What?!!!!! I like!!!:)  It was the craziest thing... I'm a fit girl but honestly it's feeling effortless.

Steph Cosina

Things are going good. I am noticing positive changes in energy level, sleep and reduced inflammation. I'm more active in running and swimming which is great! I'm looking forward to the next few months. My fingers are crossed that things continue to improve.

Brian Schemp

Some feedback you might be interested in - since going on the Core4 program, the exzema on my hands is way more manageable - while there is still tissue scaling, the cracks are far less frequent and smaller.  I have had a patch covering my ankle bone for about 2 years and itis a 1/3 the size of what it was and is more responsive to cream.  Of course, I have also been 'cleaning up my diet' more rigorously so there are other compounding factors - but I have done that in the past with little improvement.  I think I am going to be a Core 4 addict!

There actually hasn`t been a day without exercise as I am enjoying the new me (albeit at  60) and trying to build up my triathlon skills as a tri next year is a goal.  I have signed up for a marathon in October and comfortably running anywhere from 15K to 20K each Sunday (as well as other runs) under Charles` training program’. 

I continue to be 100% core 4 compliant every day and my `fuel` of choices for runs and on the bike is amino acids. For swimming, it is primarily the pool water since my breathing technique needs some serious work – and taking in gulps of water is evidently NOT what you are supposed to be doing LOL.

Thanks Rick!!!  Your program is awesome.

Ian Staveley

Feeling great and really have cut down on the beers. Don’t eat much grains or bread. My weight is around 199-201 which is good. Ggreat lest improve. –I like how I am feeling.  

Jack Van Kleunen
I am 41.  i am and triathlete and most recently a cyclocross racer (and not very good at it I'm afraid) :)  I had a great year this year - my first half iron and multiple short course podiums so qualified for USAT Nationals for the first time.  Dialing everything in nutritionally helped tremendously (along with getting a coach!). Next year I have a couple of half irons and a few century rides along with a bunch of short course races planned before tackling my first IM in 2014 (hopefully IMAZ).  

Nancy Gomes

I've tested my NO levels the last three Saturdays first thing in the morning approx. 23 hrs after taking the NO supplement. Each test was in the optimum zone.  This last Saturday I retested 90 min. after taking the NO supplement and the result was still good, but not as high as the first test. Not sure why, but from low to optimal in one month encouraging.   Thanks,

Ken Lowell

When my test kits and supplements arrived I loved your introduction information.  The Welcome letter and personal dosing information were great!I especially liked the lab assessment sheet showing the different tests and when they should be performed.  

Mark Rise

BTW —I love it the noticeable difference in energy I feel.  I initially didn’t love the Fruit N Veggie Might flavor but I am getting used it. When I mixed it with a smoothie in Seattle — it was great

Mike Gervais

I can taste the difference with everything being whole food products

Rich Hill

We are working such long hours. We are looking forward to some time off--everything has gone fabulously well including the weather even though it has been 28 degrees in the morning for the last several mornings.   We attribute our endurance and ability to work hard to the good nutrition plan we've had over the years and the Core4 "tops it off. Dan's last saliva test was fairly light pink compared to earlier and the urine was fairly dark both times.  It has taken several months but he has a better urine stream and that was the main goal. Thanks, again, Rick.

Cathy Foster

My wife and I are now 7 months into the Core program. I am truly seeing the benefits both physically and clinically through the assessments. We discussed at the very beginning that my wife would have a few limited assessments. At what point will she start with the assessments?I know she has never had her Vit D levels checked.

My blood lipid profile has improved significantly in the 7 months (VAP, Omega levels), my Vitamin D levels are on the upper end of good but my NO levels remain low. I have been on the NO toches for about 4 months now. Blood pressure has been good (115/70 avg) and overall energy levels are good.

The Core 4 program has been best money spent!  

Jason Mazza

My kids really like the Just Peachy. It has been difficult finding supplements they will take. They will not swallow pills and it must look good, smell good, and taste good to them. Thanks,

Karen Knight

Use all your supplements on the regular basis.  Also implemented completely wheat/ processed food free diet.  My LDL cholesterol dropped from 168 to 108 with the A pattern in the last two months, HDL increased from 54 to 65.  Triglycerides dropped from 139 to 87. Also lost about 12 pounds.  So far so good!

Isaac Vulak

I love the aminos.  I’ve replaced my HEED sport drink and I drink aminos during workouts.  I used aminos during my 50km ultra two weekends ago.  With all of this good stuff my time dropped from 4:53 to 4:38… a very sizeable improvement even after dropping 25 minutes the previous year J

Jason S. Adams

Thanks Rick for all the help. It is way too challenging to navigate the supplement world without professional direction.  I have no doubt of the need for the right program. BTW I am definitely feeling like I have more energy from the program. I also finished my first half-marathon (no land speed records set at 2:27) which is a great way to have turned 60 ---- and I definitely credit the Core 4 program.  I have been experimenting with using the Aminos during my longer runs as a subsitute for Heed or other such stuff....I actually quite like the taste and with a dash of pomegrenate juice seems to be a definite hit (along with an equal sized bottle of water) on 1.5 hour plus runs. Any thoughts/concerns with doing that?

Rick, I actually am feeling more energetic than I have in years and have actually doubled my volume of workouts to about 9 hours of intense exercise (running swimming biking) a week.  Having turned 60, I just ran my first half-marathon which I didn't feel I had the energy for before Core4.  While anecdotal, It can't be a coincidence that I am Core 4. So THANK YOU!!!

Ian Staveley 

Overall, I’m feeling good and recovered better from Ironman Canada than ever before.  I have completed my anti-oxidation saliva and urine tests, and while better I’m still in the less than optimal range.

Todd Houston

Thanks for your support and guidance. I no longer have the coach I used to have.  Unfortunately when my health started going it became obvious that I was more important to them for the monthly fee and the positive publicity in regards to my two open heart surgeries and success in triathlon.  You're concern and guidance is refreshing.  You will continue to have a very loyal customer base.  

Jonathan Hiipika

My saliva test is normal; the urine test has improved over time but still not quite at optimum shade of pink.  It may be I still am training fairly hard for a 1/2 marathon.  by the way i have lost about 11 pounds and competed successfully in triathlons this past season. so i believe my health is better.   last physical cholestrol dropped and blood sugar which had been prediabetic  in past now at 95.   only difficulty having is totally weening off gluten.    what in the heck is fast and easy for breakfast without gluten?

Rod Coggin

I just tied for 2nd place in a field of 120 riders of all ages on a double century race, so I'm hitting an all time fitness high.  My coach says if I were a triathlete I'd be a top age grouper.  At age 57, not bad.  I had constant power through out the race and didn't slowdown at all due to fatigue. So things seem to be going really well at this point and I'm planning my next years strategy for the California Triple Crown Stage Race (3 double centuries with tons of climbing).

Peter Merrill

Ii did the annual big local race here yesterday a -its 26 miles pretty much all out with a few respites. Took almost 7 minutes of my time (1.07 vrs 114) ! and was only 3 minutes from the leader(pro racer) so all in very happy with my training and diet vitamin protocol  !

Peter Greer

Although I had not been doing any structured training this year and the limited exercise that I did was not very intense, I had committed to an Olympic Triathlon early in the year before discovering that I needed arthroscopic surgery on my knee. Anyway, I did the Olympic on 08/25 and was really hoping to just finish at something better than a walk.

As an experiment, I wanted to stick with the Low Carb approach so I tried some tips that I read on Ben Greenfields pages – some chicken broth early then a bit of Coconut Oil prior to the race, then only Fund Aminos and Coconut oil during the race. I kept expecting to bonk and run out of energy on the bike or early run but it never happened! Surprisingly I finished under three hours with a fairly hard effort at the end of the run. Not my best time for sure, but very good for me considering the lack of training.

The most impressive thing is that although I kept expecting to get really sore (I had only did a couple of 1.5 hour easy bikes on the trainer – other session were no more than an hour) it never really happened – I knew I had pushed it, but that deep soreness that usually comes from overdoing it never happened!

Supplements or low carb non-inflammatory diet – not sure which one did it, but something helped

Steve Whiting

My body feels awesome, i haven't gotten sick (i usually get a fever every 3 months or so), and my recovery is amazing. Its working!!! I raced a 50k last weekend and it was awesome. I think this is making a big difference and will get me through the 50 mi. Thanks so much. 

Kathryn Sall 

I have to say that I started my 4 day work stretch this past Saturday and  have not felt this good nor slept as deeply in MANY months. I can't  believe how awake I am at work and feel much more energetic. 1 month in and I'm already feeling the benefits!

It is also nice to know my vit D responded.  My triglycerides are slightly lower than before.  My LDL total is down from 185 to 168 (goal for someone with my genetics is 160), my CRP when checked last was 1.1 or 1.3, my HDL total is higher (mid 70's to 98!).  Never had the insulin labs tested before; good to know they are within normal limits.  This is due to the supplement regime.  My diet has been unchanged since the Berkley tests; actually been partaking in some alcohol of late (it's summer and I'm human), so I'm relieved to know I'm not damaging myself too much.  These results combined with my salivary antioxidants switching from depleted to "low" during the last check gives me renewed confidence that what I'm doing is working and to stick with it.  Thanks so much, Rick!

Scott Roddick

I feel like I'll be able to do the work this week with no problem. Overall I'm probably now at a fitness high! This is an amazing difference compared to last spring going into the stage race.

Peter Merril

The Core 4 regime seems to be working well for me. I feel great it is easy! Since you gave me the extra pill form of vitamins I did take them twice a day and even my nails grew for the first time in my life. When I don't take them at night and take the vegie mite instead as you suggested - nails are not so good - interesting.

I have totally forgotten to take the Nutri-Meno so I am thinking it is helping with the sweats as well - feeling good. I have also been able to get back to almost normal exercise the last week as my foot is almost better. Had a good 20 km run last Sunday with no real issues but abused it last night with running hills (don't tell Charles) so hopefully haven't gone backwards as the heel is sore.

Pat Stavely

I really like the package and I do feel like it is making a positive impact on energy and feeling better overall.

Allison MacCormick