Soren Jensen

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"As a competitive road and cyclocross racer, I came to Core 4 in search of a way to improve my results through better nutrition both on and off the bike.  I’ve been following the Core 4 Nutrition Program for about six months now and I'm really feeling the benefits. During my last cyclocross season, I was able to maintain a higher heart rate for a longer period of time which gave a significant boost to my training.  But the bigger payoff was that I started winning races.

Implementing Core 4’s dietary strategy has allowed me to become a fat, as opposed to a sugar, burner.  I am now able to finish my longer, endurance rides without being dependent on sugary drinks or gels—and I feel stronger than ever before!  I have also found that I can recover much faster from my long, hard training days and from races.  What an amazing feeling!"
Originally from Denmark, Soren now lives and works in New York City as an interest rate trader. Core 4 Nutrition wishes him the best of luck in all his competitive cycling pursuits!