Patti Bauernfeind

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"As an open-water, distance swimmer, my lack of energy and chronically-sore muscles were preventing me from putting in the kind of yardage I needed to stay competitive.  Intuitively, I knew that something wasn't quite right with my body on a basic, biological level. 

Just a few weeks after starting the Core 4 Program, I began feel the benefits.  Both my energy level and my endurance had improved significantly.  And I started waking up feeling refreshed for the first time in years!  After a few months on the program, more pieces started falling into place.  I discovered that my vitamin D, essential fatty acid, and essential amino acid levels had been too low.  And that my diet was not providing me with the right type of fuel I needed for long, sustained efforts in the water.  
I would recommend the Core 4 Nutrition Program.  Not just to athletes, but to anyone who wants to maximize their personal health and well-being, and get the most out of life!"

Patti, who lives, works, and trains in the San Francisco Bay area, set an open-water world record by swimming the length of Lake Tahoe (22 miles) in 2009. She uses her open water swims as fundraising venue for Empower Through Education, and a number of other charitable organizations. You can learn more about Patti and stay posted on all her upcoming open-water swim events by visiting