Marilyn Glaser

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"Because the Core 4 Daily Dose packs are so easy and convenient, I’ve been able to take supplements regularly for the first time in my life. My husband and I travel quite frequently, and it was previously impractical for me to take anything more than a bottle of muti-vitamins along. But I can fit a full week's worth of Daily Dose packs into my purse.  I can’t believe how simple it is to do something that’s so important for both my mind and my body.  

Less than a year ago, I came very close to developing diabetes.  But after following the Core 4 Program and making a few dietary changes, I have my blood sugar level completely under control.  In fact, it's back to the healthy level it was when I was 30 years old!  I have so much more energy for doing all the things I love to do throughout the day.  I no longer suffer from sugar cravings, or sore muscles and joints when I wake up in the morning.  Thanks to Core 4 Nutrition, my food truly has become my medicine!"

Marilyn Glaser is a 75-year-old mother and grandmother from Philadelphia, PA.  She enjoys traveling the world with her husband, Gene, who recently retired from a long and successful career in commerical real estate.  Marilyn and Gene have both been following the Core 4 Foundations Program for the past eight months.