Jason Adams

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“Some people are interested in nutrition, but I am a sports nutrition nut! Before finding Core 4 Nutrition, I was convinced that my vegetarian diet of mostly carbohydrates and minimal protein and fat was the right fuel for an endurance athlete.  But it was actually wearing my body down.  After making lean meats and healthy fats the focus of my diet, I began to lose weight in the form of excess carbohydrate fat and I began to gain muscle.  I began to make significant gains in the weight room and in my intensity workouts. I also found my body capable of handling longer efforts.  

After taking the Core 4 supplements for just a few months, I noticed a lot less muscle soreness and joint inflammation—two issues I had struggled with for years.  My post-workout recovery time also decreased significantly, which meant that I could attack my next workout sooner and harder.  Less post-race pain has allowed me to continue building up my training intensity and progression.  The Core 4 Program has literally changed my life.  I can’t recommend it enough!”  

Jason Adams is a competitive Nordic skier and multi-sport athlete living in Bend, Oregon.  As a professional real estate agent, the Core 4 Program has allowed him to successfully balance his demanding career with a year-round training and racing schedule.