Ian Staveley

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I was the classic, overweight non-athlete who spent his life behind a desk.  But after being encouraged by my ultra-marathon-running wife (also a Core 4 client), I decided to take up running. Over the last 18 months, I've worked my way up from barely getting around the block to finishing three half-marathons and training for a first marathon and first triathlon event.  

From the very beginning, my coach, Charles Miron, told a very skeptical me that I needed to get on the Core 4 Nutrition Program. I finally began nine months ago and have been 100% compliant since.  I can't believe the difference Core 4 has made.  The eczema I've been fighting for many years has almost disappeared; frequent mouth ulcers are totally a thing of the past.  More importantly, I haven't had a single injury that's prevented me from training daily and throughly enjoying the new me!  

But Core 4 is about more than taking supplements.  
Above all. it's a program driven by a group of knowledgeable and experienced people who genuinely care about your well-being and are there to make sure your individual needs are being met.  Because I live in Canada, a lack of sunlight was negatively affecting both my physical and mental health.  

Based on my assessment results, my vitamin D dosage was adjusted and there has been a singificant improvement in both my winter energy level and mood (which has kept me motivated to run in -20C four days a week for months on end).  The Core 4 Program doesn't promise miracles; I am not counting on setting any land speed records soon.  But I would urge anyone and everyone to throw out their other vitamins and supplements and try Core 4 Nutrition for six months to see what a difference it will make!

Ian Staveley is an accountant and long-time resident of Calgary, Alberta.