Cathy Stephens

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"How is it possible for a person who has suffered from severe asthma her entire life to live most of her days completely symptom free?  How can I race in an Ironman distance triathlon for 17 straight hours and not have to use my rescue inhaler once?  By using the Core 4 Nutrition Program and the food-based vitamin D, omega 3, antioxidant, and micronutrient products it provides to nourish and protect every, single cell in my body! 

In my life-long search for a non-pharmaceutical solution that would allow me to live the active, outdoor-oriented life I once only dreamed of, I found Core 4 Nutrition and knew from the very beginning that it was going to make a difference.  But the results are far beyond anything I ever could have imagined.  Although it wasn't an instant fix,this program may very well be my long-term cure.  My dedication and motivation to continue following it are based on my results. I am 43 years old and I am in the best health and shape of my life, which is a far cry from the frequent trips to the emergency room that once rendered me inactive for long periods of time. 
The bottom line is that the Core 4 Program works for me.  It makes taking care of my body's foundational nutrient needs scientific, yet simple.  And the concept of taking care of myself from the inside out is something that just makes sense."

Cathy lives her life to the fullest in Spokane, Washington.  In an effort to inspire other asthma sufferers to live a life without limits, she blogs at  Core 4 Nutrition has no idea what incredible adventure Cathy will undertake next, but will be there to support her every step of the way!