Life Length Telomere Assessment

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If you're like me, your age doesn't slow you down. You take care of yourself by eating well, staying physically active, finding stress outlets, and regularly taking your Core 4 supplements. And you know that these wise, health and lifestyle choices will certainly slow down the aging process, but they won't stop the clock from ticking.   

How much would the ability to turn back the hands of time be worth? 

How much would you pay to get biologically younger, even as your chronological age increases?  How would you spend an extra five, ten, or 15 years of life?

What I'm about to share with you would probably have sounded like science fiction just a few, short years ago. But "anti-aging" has become a solid, studied science. And anti-aging products are becoming and increasingly-affordable and viable option for those who want to maximize their personal health, performance, and longevity.

The science of telomeres

As you may know, telomeres are the end caps of our DNA that serve to protect our genetic data each and every time our cells divide. The problem is that with each cellular division, our telomeres shorten--just a little. Over the course of many years, however, they become so short that our genetic data becomes corrupted, causing our cells to malfunction and die. Fortunately, a gene that encodes for an enzyme called telomerase, which can repair and re-lengthen our shortened telomeres, has been identified. Unfortunately, this gene is not active in most human cells. 

But here's some good news!

We now know that our telomere length directly correlates to age progression and disease. While your congenital telomere length (a gift from your grandparents) determines your potential for life-long health and longevity, the lifestyle choices you make can extend your lifespan.

A non-toxic lifestyle, wholesome diet, high-quality sleep, and moderate amounts of physical activity in conjunction with the use of whole-food supplements that support optimal levels of vitamin D3, omega 3 fatty acids, and nitric oxide (provided by the Core 4 Nutrition program) have all been proven to slow the rate of telomere shortening. Still, it's necessary to activate the telomerase gene before you can begin to restore your youthful telomere length.
Biological versus chronological age

We all know people who look old in their 30’s and those who still look pretty great into their 80’s. While your chronological age may determine how many candles to put in your organic, gluten-free birthday cake, it's much less significant when it comes to measuring your true, biological age. This measurement begins with a scientific assessment of your telomere length.

Keep in mind that while you may think you're healthy and aging gracefully, the only way to know--for sure--what your potential lifespan is, and whether or not the sum total of your health and dietary choices are making a positive difference is to assess your telomere length!  

Life Length provides the information you need.

By using something called quantitative telomeric FISH (HT-QFISH) it is not only possible to know your percentage of short telomeres, but to measure the telomere length in all 23 pairs of chromosomes in one single cell!  Life Length Lab  offers the only large scale telomere analysis technology that allows the quantification of the percentage of critically short telomeres to measure your individual risk and cause of aging. Learn more here.