Base Hormonal Screen

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Price: $89.00

This Male Hormone Screen will allow you to evaluate your bioavailable levels of both testosterone and estradiol so you can determine your testosterone to estradiol (T/E ratio), your most important masculine hormone ratio. 

Why is your T/E ratio so important?  

Your ratio of testosterone to estradiol (T/E ratio) is a critical factor influencing your male health and vitality.  So in addition to determining your baseline testosterone level, it is equally important to know your estradiol levels.  Both levels should be jointly and continually assessed.  As your testosterone level decreases and estradiol level increases, your T/E ratio will decline.  A high estradiol level can be a serious road block on your path toward optimal health—even if your testosterone level is high. 

If you want to look, feel, and perform your very best, it is important to take action—restore and re-balance your hormonal system by achieving and maintaining a salivary testosterone to estradiol (T/E) ratio of greater than 40:1. 

Why saliva?  Click here to read more about the science of saliva hormone assessment. 

Want to assess how stress is having an effect on your hormone levels?  

Consider the Saliva Hormone Stress Profile which adds three additional adrenal hormone assessments for DHEA, morning and evening cortisol.