Pure Clean Beet 15 Packets

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Single Serving Packets  3

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Our single-serve packets are designed to preserve the power of the beet juice powder while offering the ultimate in convenience and practicality. Once opened, store any remaining powder in an air-tight container to minimize its exposure to air, heat or moisture (which can cause hardening). For best results, store in the refrigerator.

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It's pure and simple. We offer the highest-quality, organic and non-GMO beet juice powder available. The beets are grown on organic farms here in the U.S. and then carefully dried using a proprietary, low-temperature process that protects the product's performance-enhancing nutrients.  Every batch is tested for critical nitric oxide producing nutrients and confirmed to meet our strict standards before being packaged in an allergen-free facility. For a variety of reasons, some soils or growing conditions simply don't contain the needed nutrients for nitric oxide producting beets. As a result, the majority of beet juices and powders (even the organic, locally-grown varieties) do not support high nitric oxide levels and improved sports performance. Rest assured, PureClean Powder is made only from certified performance enhancing beets.

Did you know that many commercial beet powders are not made from beet juice, but ground-up whole beets that contain fiber, greens, and sometimes even dirt? PureClean Powder is made from highly-concentrated beet JUICE which magnifies the total nitric-oxide supporting nutrient content and insures it's performance-boosting power. If you love beets as much as we do, you still might want to enjoy juicing, steaming, or roasting some fresh, organic, locally-grown beets. But if your goal is improved sports performance, PureClean Powder is the more effective, convenient, cost-effective option. PLUS you get all the beneficial nutrients with 1/4 the sugars, carbohydrates and calories! In fact, each 10-gram serving contains only 33 calories and 7 grams of carbohyrdate.  

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