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Price: $1,156.00

Want to outsmart the aging process and LIVE LONGER? 
Become a member of the new Core 4 Longevity program! 

The club’s mission is to offer cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions to those who want to grow younger, even as they get older. Membership in the club will initially include the Live Long nutritional formula, which contains a proprietary, botanical blend called TeloStrong along with regular and ongoing Titanova salivary telomere assessments.  

Turn back the hands of time for just $289.00 a month! 

That's a $325.00 per month SAVINGS when compared to the leading, telomere-lengthening formula, which doesn't include any assessments.  

Interesting in jumping on board? Contact me at rick@core4nutrition or at #360.450.3768 for more information and details. 

Chances are, you don't want your age to slow you down.

So you take care of yourself by eating well, staying physically active, finding stress outlets, and regularly taking your Core 4 supplements. And you know that these wise, health and lifestyle choices will certainly slow down the aging process,but they won't stop the clock from ticking.   

How much would the ability to outsmart the aging process be worth? 

How much would you pay to become biologically younger, even as your chronological age increases?  How would you spend an extra five, ten, or even 15 years of high-quality life?

What I'm about to share with you would probably have sounded like science fiction just a few, short years ago. But "anti-aging" has become a solid, studied science. And anti-aging products are becoming an increasingly-affordable and viable option for those who want to maximize their personal health, performance, and longevity.

The science of telomeres:

As you may know, telomeres are the end caps of our DNA that serve to protect our genetic data each and every time our cells divide. The problem is that with each cellular division, our telomeres gradually become shorter. Over the course of many years, they become so short that our genetic data becomes corrupted, causing our cells to malfunction and die. Fortunately, a gene that encodes an enzyme called telomerase (which can repair and re-lengthen our shortened telomeres) has been identified. Unfortunately, this gene is not active in most human cells. 

But here's some good news!

We now know that our telomere length directly correlates to age progression and disease. While your congenital telomere length (a gift from your grandparents) determines your potential for life-long health and longevity, the lifestyle choices you make can extend your lifespan.

A non-toxic lifestyle, wholesome diet, high-quality sleep, and moderate amounts of physical activity in conjunction with the use of whole-food supplements that support optimal levels of vitamin D3, omega 3 fatty acids, and nitric oxide (provided by the Core 4 Nutrition program) have all been proven to slow the rate of telomere shortening. Still, it's necessary to activate the telomerase gene before you can begin to restore your youthful telomere length.
Biological versus chronological age

We all know people who look old in their 30’s and those who still look pretty great into their 80’s. While your chronological age may determine how many candles to put in your organic birthday cake, it's much less significant when it comes to measuring your true, biological age. This measurement begins with a scientific assessment of your telomere length.

Keep in mind that while you may think you're healthy and aging gracefully, the only way to accurately determine your lifespan potential and objectively evaluate the long-term effects of your health and dietary choices is through a scientific assessment of your telomere length!  

LogoUntil recently, there hasn't been an accurate assessment that would allow for the measurement and tracking of your telomere length over time. Fortunately, I have been able to access the current, state-of-the-art assessment (which requires a blood draw) offered by Lifelength at a special club price for our members. This assessment kit with a regular cost of $750 will be provided to you each year for FREE as part of the program to determine the rate at which your body is aging so that you can make targeted, lifestyle and dietary modifications that will not only slow, but REVERSE, the aging process--and improve both the quality and quantity of your life! 

Live Long: A more economical and effective solution to slow down aging.
Healthy food and lifestyle choices can slow down the rate of telomere shortening. But their repair and lengthening requires the activation of telomerase. Thanks to recent advances in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and crowd sourcing, there will likely be a number of regenerative options. But their cost will remain prohibitive for most. Current stem cell therapies cost well over $15,000 per treatment; and an experimental therapy that uses viral vectors to activate telomerase costs hundreds of thousands of dollars! 

Fortunately, an effective--and affordable--option is available to the rest of us. It turns out that certain herbs and extracts also have the ability to activate the telomerase enzyme. The most potent of these is a concentrated extract of the Chinese herb astragalus called cyclastragenol. This ingredient was first introduced in a popular product called TA65
TA65 works.  

TA65 has been successfully used by thousands of people over the past six years (including a number of our very own Core 4 clients) who report significant improvements in their overall health, appearance, and performance over time. Two of my colleagues, Ed Park M.D. and Dave Woyonarski M.D., have used TA65 to extend their telomere length by 10 years, despite getting 5 calendar years older. But at $600.00 a month (plus the cost of regular and ongoing telomere assessments), the long-term use of TA65 is limited to a select few.  

Now there's another option! 

After working with a pharmaceutical-based herbologist, we have created the Core 4 Live Long formula, consisting of TeloStrong--a pure and natural botanical blend that not only offers a broad range of active ingredients but is liposomally-enhanced to have a  cellular absorption rate.
The TeloStrong blend includes:  
Liposomal Astragalus extract (20% Astragaloside IV), Ashwagandha Ginseng 60:1 extract, Milk Thistle 80% Silymarin Organic Extract, Pterocarpus Marsupium 25% Pterostilbene Organic Extract, Cat’s Claw 5:1 Alkaloid extract (Uncaria Tomentoa), Fo-ti 20:1 extract (Polygonum Multiflora), Ascorbic Acid 2-Phosphate (Asc2P), Shilajit Tibetan 80:1 extract, Chaga 100:1 extract (Siberian Mushroom), Jiaogulan extract (95% Gypenosides), Narigenin, Liposomal Astragalus extract (98%) Cycloastragenol,.

In addition, the formula is blended into a honey, xylitol, and coconut oil base that allows the product to be taken under the tongue and dissolved over the course of a a few minutes, improving its absorption and effectiveness.  

My personal experience with Live Long:

After using Live Long for the past few months, I feel very well; I have not been ill and enjoy consistently high energy and endurance levels. I have also noticed some subtle--yet significant--changes that are typical for those using telomerase activating formulas: 

*I dream every night. Dreaming is an indicator of deep, restful sleep.

*I have stopped snoring. 

* My recovery from hard, physical efforts has greatly improved.

*My blood pressure has dropped to 105/68. Prior to following the Core 4 program, optimizing my nitric oxide level, and reducing my carbohydrate intake, a typical reading would be 135/80. 

*While I am lean at 165 pounds, an injury has prevented me from being as active as I would like to be for the first time in my life. At the age of 54, I have lost some muscle and gained a bit of body fat. But after consistently taking the blend, my body is becoming leaner--without any dietary modifications or increase in activity. 

Here's the exciting part: 

Preliminary results suggest that the Live Long formula may even be more effective than the current and much-more-expensive formulas on the market. Even more exciting is that with feedback from club members, telomere assessments results, and new research, the TeloStrong bend will be upgraded and improved on an ongoing basis.
Not only should Live Long be more effective (due to its sublingual delivery system and broad botanical base), it will cost LESS THAN HALF of the leading telomere formulas. And as part of the club, you'll be receiving a free LIfe Length Serum Assessment each year. ($575.00 regular cost) 
How is that possible?
We were able to find a supplier who was willing to give us bulk pricing on much smaller raw material quantities than required for larger companies. In addition, we are producing our first batches in-house (avoiding large manufacturer blending and packaging costs) and providing the product directly to our club members (eliminating middle-man mark ups). And we are offering both Live Long and the Titanova telomere assessment with a very minimal mark-up.  

What's the catch?
In its current incarnation, the blend's taste is one that may require some getting used to. And while the product is safe (it contains beneficial herbs that have been used for thousands of years), its longer-term effects on telomere health won’t be proven until we have data from a number of users over the next few years.  

The cost? 

$289.00 a month. While there is no long-term commitment, in order for us to purchase ingredients (cost-effectively) in bulk, Longevity Club members must commit to purchasing one, four-month supply of Live Long (and one accompanying assessment) at a time.

Ready to take the next step?
Then contact me at or at #360.450.3768