Importance of Knowing your Male Hormone Levels

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The Importance of Knowing your Male Hormone Levels 

Testosterone is the critical hormone that keeps men healthy and vital throughout their whole life. Less than optimal levels of testosterone can greatly effect a man's physical strength, energy levels, mood and sexual vitality. 
Modern lifestyle and chemical pollution are also causing elevated levels of male estrogen (estradiol), which can reduce libido, increase body fat and enhance a man's risk of cardiovascular disease and prostate disease:

Unfortunately, an abundance of recent research shows that testosterone levels are declining faster in modern man than ever before:

  • One out of every four men over 30 have low testosterone - Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Sept 2007
  • Today's men have 20% lower testosterone levels than their counterparts from 15 years ago - Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, Nov 2006
  • Excessive levels of estrogenic chemicals present in adult U.S. males - Environmental Health Perspective, June 2007 

About Saliva Hormone Testing 

Based on more than twenty years of research, saliva hormone testing has become a prefered method of measuring hormonal health. In addition to being less expensive and more practical than blood testing, saliva testing measures the active (bio-available) levels of hormones rather than the inactive (total or bound) levels of hormones. 

The hormone levels in saliva reflect the active tissue concentrations, while blood contains mostly protein- bound hormones, whose active levels can only be estimated at best. Urine contains both the active hormones and numerous metabolites and can only provide a gross estimate of hormone production over time. Active fraction measurements from saliva are superior to blood and urine for use in diagnosis and treatment. 

Why is this important?

Betwen 95 and 99% of steroid hormones in your bloodstream are "bound" by proteins such as sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Steroid hormones in saliva, however, are "unbound" by proteins and thus free or bio-available. In other words, saliva hormone testing measures the amount of hormones in the body that are actually usable by cells, while blood testing measures all hormones regardless of their availability to the cells.

Saliva testostesterone is once again shown to be a reliable assessment for male hormonal health- Clinical Endocrinolgy, Nov 2007. 
You can see many more recent scientific references here.

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