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Build your health on solid ground with the Core 4 NO Restore Program

The evidence is clear:  Maximum athletic performance depends upon optimum cellular health.  
The human body is composed of trillions of cells carrying out more than 200 different functions, which collectively determine its overall performance capacity. So it’s easy to see why achieving and maintaining strong, cellular health is a fundamental, first step toward making strength, speed, and endurance gains.  Just as a sturdy house requires a solid foundation, the systems of your body depend upon healthy cells in order to function fully and efficiently. 

To be healthy, your cells need to be nourished by a combination of some basic, yet powerful, nutrients.  
While many variables influence your body's overall health and performance potential, nitric oxide (NO) may be the most critical.  This targeted bundle provides the base nutrients required to restore levels of nitric oxide necessary for strong cellular health so you can acheive your long-term health and performance goals.  

Here's what you get on the NO Restore Program: 

  • One bag of Chocoberry Blast whole-food concentrate powder
  • Two bags of BEET'UMs nitric oxide performance chews 
  • Two cannisters of Pure Clean Powder nitrate-rich organic beet concentrate  
  • At-home NO Assessment Package to monitor your progress.
  • The complete Core 4 Nutrition Nitric Oxide Restoration Performance e-booklet
  • 20% discount off additional Core 4 Nutrition products
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Chocoberry Blast
Whole-Food Concentrate Powder
One bag

WHY: Our bodies don’t need—or effectively utilize—synthetic, isolated vitamins and minerals; but they do need an abundant supply of the naturally-occurring nutrients found in fresh, raw vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Chocoberry Blast is a highly effective and tasteful way to provide this vital nourishment to your body. 

HOW: Packed with a powerful blend of more than 70 different fruits, vegetables, and botanicalsChocoberry Blast is specifically formulated to provide the whole food concentrates, micro-nutrients, antioxidants, and food-based nitrates necessary for optimum cellular and nitric oxide health. Learn more

Nitric Oxide (NO) Support 
Two bags    

WHY: Nitric oxide is a short-lived gas molecule that is essential for cellular communication. Along with optimal vitamin D3 and omega 3 fatty acid levels, an optimal NO level is cruicial for maximum health and performance. High NO levels result in better blood flow and tissue oxygenation, both of which are necessary for muscular performance. In additon, optimal NO levels contribute to an increased capacity for concentration and memory, deeper sleep, reductions in both internal inflammation and chronic pain, faster wound healing, and heightened immunity.  

HOW:  These tasteful lozenges mix with your saliva to rapidly raise your NO levels. When used regularly and consistently, BEET'Ums will raise your body's NO level. Use the at-home NO assessment strips to measure and monitor your restorative progress. Included with the Foundations program is our Nitric OXide Restoration program booklet.   Learn more

Pure Clean Powder
Nitrate-Rich Organic Beet Powder 
Two cannisters   

WHY: Beet juice works. It's a performance booster like no other. And it's all about the natural nitrates. Pure Clean Powder Beet Juice concentrate has been extensively tested, and the nitrates are even more concentrated than whole beets!

HOW! Pure Clean Powder's Organic Beet Juice Powder is the highest quality, most effective beet juice powder available today. For athletes, no other beet juice powder comes close. The nutrients and nitrates of fresh organic beet juice in a carefully dried powder. Studies prove it works. It can boost your endurance, strength, power, speed and performance results.  Learn more

Core4 Comprehensive Program

Nitric Oxide Assessments 
10 Strips 

WHY: The results of the NO assessments will yield valuable insights and information that can be used to track your restorative progress and, if necessary, tailor your supplement dosages to your body’s unique, identified needs. Plus, you'll have tangible proof that your Core 4 NO Program is actually working! 

HOW:  All that’s required is a single drop of saliva, placed on an NO assessment strip (upon waking).  The reagent on the strip will change color based on the amount of nitrates present in your saliva. The color change will reveal the status of your body’s NO supply. Your assessment includes 10 strips (double the normal amount). Learn more  

The Secret to Optimal Athletic Performance 
Comprehensive Nitric Oxide Restoration Program

In this comprehensive 30 page bookley, you'll learn why NO is the secret to life-long performance and how optimal NO levels improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation resulting in improved endurance, recovery and power. You'll learn what beets, kale viagra and nitroglycerin have in common. You'll also learn which specific foods, products, and assessments you should use to acheive optimal NO levels and why using antispetic mouth washes, antacids, and anti-inflammatory medications will drastically reduce your performance

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Please note:  The products included in this program provide two months of product use. Therefore, you will receive a Core 4 Program shipment every two months. As a courtesy, your payments will be split into two, equal monthly payments of $109.00. You will be billed this amount when your product order is shipped and again in 30 days.   

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