Why Buy Products from Core 4 Nutrition?

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Because we are a company committed to the FOUR P's: PURITY, PRICE, PRIDE and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

In all honesty, we are obsessed with purity. That means we're committed to offering ONLY the HIGHEST quality products. If you're serious about making significant performance gains, don't be tempted by those big-name brands. You'll end up paying for a lot of hype and a not-so-great product that contains artificial ingredients and non-nutritive fillers which aren't even used by your body.

Pricing is another huge priority. We work very hard with our suppliers to secure the best possible prices. Instead of pocketing a larger margin, we pass our savings onto you. Our goal is to make it as EASY and AFFORDABLE as possible for you to get the products you need. Shop around and you'll see that our prices are less than other online retailer and FAR BELOW what you would pay at your local vitamin or natural food store.

We take great pride in HAND-SELECTING each and every product we offer, paying particular attention to HOW WELL IT WORKS. But our selection process doesn't end there. We're constantly evaluating new products. If we find something that works better, we'll make sure its available to you.  If we can't find a product that meets our quality standards at the right price, WE'LL MAKE IT OURSELVES. Our Essential Amino Acid formula, for example, is one of the very few products of its kind with the correct ratio of active ingredients. It contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or fillers. And it's LESS EXPENSIVE than most brands on the market!

Finally, we would never sell a product that we don't have any experience with, a product that we haven't actually TRIED for ourselves. If we don't like it, we would never recommend it to you.

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