Vitamin D3 Assessment

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Price: $65.00

Optimizing your level of vitamin D3 may be the single, most important thing you can do to support your health and improve your health and athletic performance. Vitamin D3 controls or influences almost every physical process in the body; it is essential for peak athletic performance because it controls muscular strength and recovery, physical reaction time, balance and coordination.  

Most people (even those who train regularly outdoors) are deficient (less than 50 ng/ml) in vitamin D.

Here's how it works

1) A collection kit is mailed to you

2) You put a ‘drop’ of blood obtained via a fingerstick onto the collection card. 

3) You mail the dried blood on the card back in the pre-paid mailer to the lab

4) Within 7 days from the lab receives the sample, we will email you the results