Fruit N' Veggie Might Whole Food Powder

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Price: $49.00

Product Alert: We are currently finishing up an upgrade of this formula to be called Fruit N Veggie Blast. The new formula will be a blend of Fruit N Veggie Might and a whole foods blend (currently found in our Chocoberry Blast formula). This upgrade will both broaded the nutrient blend present as well provide a less green, berry flavor to the mix. Until this blend is available, you can purchase, a cannister of the berry blend for 50% off to mix equally with Fruit N Veggie Might.  

Here's How: Just purchase two bags of Fruit N Veggie Might and enter the code BLAST50 at check out you'll receive one bag of Fruit N Veggie Might and one cannister of the berry blend giving you two months worth of product for a total cost of $69.

Here is what is in the berry blend: 

Acerola Berry, Amla Fruit, Bilberry Fruit, Black Currant Fruit, Blackberry Fruit, Blueberry Fruit, Cranberry Fruit, Elderberry Fruit, Guava Fruit, Kiwi Fruit, Lemon Fruit, Mango Fruit , Noni Fruit, Orange Fruit, Organic Apple Fruit, Papaya Fruit, Peach Fruit, Pear Fruit, Pineapple Fruit, Pomegranate Fruit, Red Currant Fruit, Red Raspberry Fruit, Strawberry Fruit, Watermelon Fruit, Organic Beet Root, Organic Carrot Root, Organic Parsley Leaf, Organic Broccoli Leaf, Organic Spinach Leaf, Organic Kale Leaf, Organic Cabbage Leaf Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol and Pine Bark extract. 

Fruit N Veggie

Toss out your old, synthetic multivitamin and harness the healing power of nature with Fruit N’ Veggie Might!  

Packed with a powerful blend of more than 40 different fruits, vegetables and botanicals, Fruit N’ Veggie Might is specifically formulated to give your body the wide variety of whole food concentrates, micronutrients and antioxidants it needs to function fully.

Our bodies don’t need—or effectively utilize—synthetic and/or isolated vitamins and minerals; but they do need an abundant supply of the naturally-occurring nutrients found in fresh, raw vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Fruit N’ Veggie Might is an effective and tasteful way to provide this vital nourishment to your body.  

Derived from a carefully-selected, synergistic blend of whole foods—like apples, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, cranberries, kale, lemon peel, onions, pomegranates, parsley, spinach, strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes—each serving provides complete and comprehensive nutritional support. 

Fruit N' Veggie Might is a great way to enhance the overall nutrient density of your diet. Shake some up with a little almond or coconut milk for a mid-afternoon snack; mix it with water while traveling, add it to a smoothie, or drink it as a complement to a meal that's a bit short on fresh veggies! It also is great to use as an alkalinizing, nutrient-replenishing recovery drink following high-intensity training or racing. 

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Fruit N’ Veggie Might benefits include:

  • Raw, organic whole-food concentrates.
  • Low-temperature processing leaves enzymes intact.
  • No fillers, herbicides or pesticides of any kind!
  • Easy to mix and great tasting.