DAILY DOSE™ - Complete Daily Pack of Bio-Active Vitamins and Minerals

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Price: $129.00


Daily Dose is now the "premium" daily supplement pack on the market with bio-active vitamin and minerals,  full daily dosing of omega 3, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 plus 4.375 grams of synergistic botanical blends that provides synergistic antioxidants and support energy and vitality, immunity and detoxification and healthy inflammation.  It is the cornerstone choice for anyone who wants to take toward achieving their long-term health and/or sports performance goals. 

Take one of the convenient, pre-dosed packets twice daily. They are super convenient. Grab some for traveling, going out to dinner or at work. 

Each Daily Dose supplement pack contains 8 tablets and capsules including:

-Bioactive vitamins and minerals with 165mg of magnesium 

-The full spectrum of the important fat soluble vitamins such as D3, K2 and other potent antioxidants such astaxathin, tocotrienols and tocopherols

-The full daily dose of omega 3 (2.4 grams of EPA/DHA) from super pure AlaskOmega 3 fish oil.

-Proprietary botanical and fruit blends to support energy, immunity, detoxification, and reduce inflammation.

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Compage to 
Mark Sissons' Primal Master Formula which sells for $130 a container and doesn't even include omega 3!