Serum Anti-Aging Panel

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Price: $499.00

This panel assesses everything from hormone levels, inflammation, pituitary function, iron status, thryoid function and more. As the name implies, the information provided give you a powerful look into crtical serum factors that change with age. If you don't have insurance coverage for serum testing and/or don't want to have to go through the medical system, this is most comprehensive and economical antiaging comprehensive panel available.  It offers much more than the Exos Wellness Complete at less than 1/2 the price and is comparable to the Ben Greenfield Longevity Panel at less than 1/3 the price. 

How does it work?  

When your order is received, we will process your order through Cleveland Heart Lab who w
ill send the collection materails and lab requistition along with the closet draw station.  A telephone results coaching session is available with Dr. Cohen for only $45 per each 15 minutes.  Additional profiles to consider or that my be recommended by Dr. Cohen for a complete evaluation is the Titanova Saliva Telomere Assessment, Organix Metabolic Profile and Nitric Oxide Saliva Assessment.

Here's what is included:

Inflammatory Markers 

-Iron & IBC
-IR Score Insulin and C-Peptide 
-Total and Free Testosterone
-Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
-PSA Total
General Chemistry
-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 
-CBC w Diff
Upgrade your profile with these four key markers
(Email us or notate in the comments section when you place your order)
Omega 3 Index (optional $45) 
Recent research suggests that we should strive for a low omega 6/omega 3 ratio ( less than 3:1) and a high omega 3 index (greater than 10%) in order to reap the full benefits of essential fatty acid supplementation.  While you may hear that taking flax, chia or krill oil is a good solution, studies prove that the best way to achieve these critical ratios is with the regular use of a pure, high-quality fish oil. 

Vitamin D3 (optional $45)
Optimizing your level of vitamin D3 may be the single, most important thing you can do to support your health and improve your health and athletic performance. Vitamin D3 controls or influences almost every physical process in the body; it is essential for peak athletic performance because it controls muscular strength and recovery, physical reaction time, balance and coordination. Most people (even those who train regularly outdoors) are deficient (less than 50 ng/ml) in vitamin D.

ADMA/SDMA (optional $30)
This test measures endothelial health by determining nitric oxide function at the cellular level. Nitric oxide is a key regulator of vascular tone and overall endothelial health. ADMA directly, and SDMA indirectly, inhibits the production of nitric oxide, thus negatively affecting the endothelium.  Learn more here.
MTHFR-Methylation (optional $75)
Millions are suffering from pulmonary embolisms, addictions, fibromyalgia, miscarriages, schizophrenia, severe depression, cancer and autism to name a few due to defects in the particular gene that regulates methylation. MTHFR (5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) is an enzyme involved in the metabolism of folate. MTHFR has an important role in maintaining folate and methionine levels, as well as helping to keep circulating homocysteine levels low. MTHFR is also involved in the methylation pathway, which has multiple, wide-ranging roles in the body, including regulation of gene expression and enzymatic activities . As it is a genetic assessment, you only need to assess it one time in your life. Learn more here.