Comprehensive Stress Hormone Panel

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Price: $179.00

What the ASI measures.

Knowing the levels of eleven makers of adrenal function will help you identify stress and adrenal-related issues allowing you to create an appropriate recovery plan.Using a saliva sample, this panel measures 11 markers: four cortisol levels, DHEA, DHEAs, 17-Oh progresterone, 2 insulin levels, gliadin antibodies and secretory Ig-A.  A 20 minute telephone session with Dr. Cohen is available for only $45 (reg $65) to review the results and provide for restorative recommendations.

Download an Adrenal Stress Profile brochure. 

Why use this assessment? 

The hormone levels in saliva reflect the active tissue concentrations, while blood contains mostly protein- bound hormones, whose active levels can only be estimated at best. Urine contains both the active hormones and numerous metabolites and can only provide a gross estimate of hormone production over time. Active fraction measurements from saliva are superior to blood and urine for use in diagnosis and treatment.

*You have difficulty losing or gaining weight.  
*You experience fatigue or lethargy especially mid-afternoon or at night.
*You have poor recovery from any physical or mental stressful issues. 
*You are depressed or experience unstable emotions 
*You have low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.
*You have low testosterone 
*You have diffuse muscle and joint pains 
*You have bone loss. 
*You have skin hyperpigmentation or striae

What's included. 

Four Cortisol tests 
Assessing your cortisol levels at four times during the day uncovers the natural rhythm of your adrenal glands.

These are marker’s of adrenal adapatation or deterioration

This is a major precursor of cortisol and helps determine the cause of low cortisol output

Two insulin tests (Fasting and non-fasting)
This evaluates glycemic control and helps rule out insulin resistance

Total salivary SIgA
This evaluates the impact of stress on the immune system

Gliadin antibodies 
This is an indicator of subclinical gluten intolerance, a contributor to gut inflammation and stress