Comprehensive Hormonal Panel

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Price: $159.00

Knowing the levels of eleven essential male hormones will help you identify issues as well as formulate an effective hormonal restorative program. 

What We Test and What It Tells You 

This profile assesses the all the major androgen precursors and metabolites. It includes  eleven hormones: testosterone, DHEA,DHT (dihydrotestosterone) estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone. androstenedione, 17-OH progesterone.  This profile is best used if you are concerned about about hair loss, prostate issues, male breast enlargement or reduced erectile function. Upgrade and add an adrenal assessment with four cortsiol assessments throughout the day for just $59. 

Why use this assessment?

If you are experiencing signs of hormonal imbalance including:

*Poor Recovery from activity
*Difficulty maintaining or loss of muscle mass and strength
*Difficulty losing body fat 

*Reduced of libido
*Weak or irregular morning erections
*Loss of motivation 

Here is a snap shot of just some of the hormones  included. 

Testosterone, the dominant testicular androgen, is the precursor to 5-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The androgenic effect in various tissues is not exerted by testosterone but by the locally produced DHT

Progesterone, a precursor to all androgens and is a physiologic modulator of DHT production.

DHEA/DHEA-S, the main adrenal androgens, are the precursors to both testosterone and estradiol, and are the limiting factor in their production, especially when the patient is under stress.

Estrone, the major estrogen in men and is the product of the peripheral aromatization of androstenedione in fat and muscle tissue.

Estradiol, an estrogen with more proliferative properties. It is formed partially in the testes, but mostly by aromatase enzyme action in peripheral tissues from both testicular and adrenal androgens.

Dihydrotestosterone, the most potent androgen; it is three to five times more potent than testosterone. DHT is derived partially by direct secretion from the testes, but mostly by conversion from testosterone and other androgens in target tissues (scalp, skin, prostate, liver and others) from five alpha reductase enzyme activities.

Also included with this profile: "Be All the Man You Can Be"Dr. Cohen's 75 page hormone restoration programIn addition, a 15 minute telephone results interpretation is available with Dr. Cohen for only $45.