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There are NO MAGIC fixes.. but our research and experience with hundreds of people show us that there are REAL solutions. 

The upshot is that you can try testosterone injections or any number of over the counter testosterone formuals, but if you truly want your body to restore healthy hormonal balance, it is critical that you cells are nourished with the nutrients they need to get the job done. 

When you support your body with the fundamental nutrients it needs to succeed, you not only will support health hormone levels but even more importantly you will improve your health and performance for years to come!

But which ones do you really need?  We've done the research; we understand which nutrients your body really needs and which formulas work when it comes to delivering them.  We've even developed a series of at-home
assessments that will allow you to monitor your personal progress in restoring the critical factors important to assess your performance and vitality. 

We're here to support and guide you every step of the way. We are not a mass on-line retailer but a science-based provided of solutions and support. We want to here from you. Whether you have a few, quick questions or need an in-depth, private consultation, our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to reach--and even exceed--your personal health and fitness goals.   

So where should you start? The "Be All the Man You Can Be" will give you all the information and tools you need to naturally restore your hormone health. While you will have good results by justing purchasing of our restorative supplements listed below, you will be far more effective when use them as part of the system that we've developed in working with the hundreds of men over the year. 

"Be All the Man You Can Be"
Natural Testosterone Restoration Product Bundle  

 This comprehensive program is derived from Dr. Cohen's 15 years of experience working with professional and Olympic athletes. The bundle includes all the proven products and tools you need to improve your cellular health, optimize your hormone levels and improve the way you look, feel and perform.

Included in the bundle are T-Food, PureClean PowderBEET"Ums, Daily Dose and the "Be All the Man You Can Be" Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Restorative programs plus an at-home salivary  assessments to monitor your nitric oxide and hormone levels.


Individal Program Components 

Below are brief descriptions of each of the components in the Core 4 Nutrition Testosterone Restoration program.
You can learn more information on each product pruchase individually if you desire on the linked page.

Phytoandrogen and Adaptogen Superfood
Two Bags

Pine Pollen may be one of the most potent and powerful herbs or foods available today. It is the male spore of the pine tree and has been used for thousands of years. It can be consumed daily to help restore a healthy endocrine system and balance androgen and estrogen levels. This super-charged food is a rare source of the phyto-androgens and novel plant compounds which bind to testosterone receptors sites, regulate prostate health, have anti-inflammatory, liver detoxifying actions and much more. In addition, it contains over 200 bioactive nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that work as an adpatogen to restore energy, reduce signs of aging, and support a strong immune system.
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Pure Clean Powder 
Organic Beet Juice Powder  
One jar 

The nutrients found in select beets have been proven to support the production of nitric oxide which in turns widens blood vessels increasing blood flow, enhancing oxygen delivery; and decreasing blood pressure. NO also facilitates the transmission- of messages between nerve cells and is positively linked to improvements in memory, learning capacity, sleeping difficulties, pain, wound healing immunity and inflammation among many other things. That means better blood flow everywhere! Your grandmother always told you to eat your beets. Now you know why!  This ultra-pure, cold processed organic beet juice powder is super concentrated with nutrients to support healthy nitric oxide. The taste is mild and the effects are powerful. 

Nitric Oxide (NO) Support  

One bag 

While PureClean Powder provides a foundational base for nitric oxide, BEET"Ums provides a rich sources of plant-based nitrates from beets for a more rapid response take anywhere product in a delicious, chocolate chew.
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Daily Dose 
Supportive Testosterone NUtrition  
Two bags

The human body is composed of trillions of different cells carrying out more than 200 specialized functions, it’s easy to see why strong cellular health plays an integral role in the hormonal and just as you can’t build a house without a foundation, your cannot have healthy cells without taking the correct type (and amount) of nutrients. Daily Dose 4  convenient pre-packs nourish your cells with the full and complete spectrum of micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamin D3, K2, omega 3 fatty acids and botanical extracts they need to function fully and efficiently. They are also the perfect supplement solution for those who are constantly on the go. .
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Male Hormone Screen
Testosterone and Estradiol 
One Assessment Every 6 Months

Based on more than twenty years of research, saliva hormone testing has become a prefered method of measuring hormonal health. In addition to being less expensive and more practical than blood testing, saliva testing measures the active (bio-available) levels of hormones rather than the inactive (total or bound) levels of hormones. The Male Hormone Screen allows you to assess your Testosterone/Estradiol (T/E) ratio so you can assess this most important masculine hormone quotient. 
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Be All the Man You Can Be Series
Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Restoration Programs

Make the all-inclusive Be All the Man You Can Be programs (over 100 pages in total) your go to guide on everything you will want to know on male health and performance. Topics include what are hormones, salivary hormone assessments, hormonal restoring diet, exercise, nutrients, recovery, the minds effect on homones, estrogensm nitric oxide and the environment. Also included are a Food for Thought nutrition guide and Seeds of Success lifestyle success guide. 
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