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Vitamin D: Sun or Supplements?

This is an important summer reminder that while supplementing with a high-quality, sublinqual Vitamin D3 spray is essential, budgeting some time for some unprotected, full-body sun exposure can be very beneficial to your overall health and performance, too.  In fact, recent studies imply that sun exposure is the best (although not always viable) option; taking even the most effective of vitamin D3 supplements cannot fully replace the benefits of real sun exposure. 

Dr. Prue Hart of the University of Western Australia makes these points in a recent paper (Hart PH. Vitamin D Supplementation, Moderate Sun Exposure, and Control of Immune Diseases. Discov Med. 2012 Jun;13 (73): 397-404).  She concludes that, “It is possible that moderate sun exposure and vitamin D supplementation may be complementary for maximal control of immune-driven diseases.”

She also emphasizes that over the past two decades, world-wide vitamin D levels have fallen about twenty percent while the incidence of immune system diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and asthma have all significantly increased.  Dr. Hart cites additional evidence which suggests....

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