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The Critical Importance of Optimal Levels of Nitric Oxide

The longer I work with Core 4 clients, the clearer it becomes: A high nitric oxide (NO) level is anABSOLUTE NECESSITY for optimal health and performance. With that in mind, devote just a few minutes of time to reading this important post. Butbefore you do, please download and save our new NO Assessment PDF so that you'll have it when you need it.   

Need a quick NO refresher? 

Check out my previous post then continue reading what follows below.

Your body takes the FUEL (from the food you eat) and the OXYGEN (from the air you breathe), converting it into the cellular ENERGY that powers your heart, lungs, and muscles. The most recent, scientific research shows that a shortage of a short-lived gas called nitric oxide (NO) will impair this essential, energy production process....

The Most Common Supplement Questions: 5 of 5

In my last post, I explained why you still need to take nutritional supplements even if your regular check-up;assessments show no sign of disease. Did you miss it? Read it;here.

Now let's move on to the last and most important question.

Question:How do I decide which supplements to take?

Answer:After assessing the nutritional status of hundreds of people over the past five years, we have learned that those who adhere to the supplement selection guidelines benefit the most.  

1.  Optimize the nutrients that form your body’s health and fitness FOUNDATION. 

Focus on the four critical factors for health. Whole food derived nutrients, vitamin D, nitric oxide and omega 3 fats....

The Most Common Supplement Questions: 4 of 5

In my last post, I explained why taking a random assortment (and amount) of supplements leads to a disappointing lack of results. Did you miss it? Read it here.

Now let's move on to the next, most frequently-asked question.

Question:Why do I need to take supplements if my doctor says that the lab tests he ordered shows that I'm perfectly healthy?  

Answer:  Almost all laboratory assessments performed by conventionally-trained physicians are implemented for the purpose of diagnosing disease, not increasing health and performance. These tests are designed to identify medical conditions that can be addressed by either a pharmaceutical or surgical intervention. 

The at-home laboratory assessments that are an integral part of the Core 4 Nutrition program assess and address the critical, physiological factors linked to optimal health and performance. These assessments provide direct and relevant information that can be applied to making strategic dietary, lifestyle, and supplement choices that can make a measurable and positive difference in how you look, feel and perform...

The Most Common Supplement Questions: 3 of 5

In my last post, I explained why taking conventional, multi-vitamin is not just ineffective, but potentially harmful to your health. If you missed that post, you can read it;here.

Now let's move on to the next, most frequently-asked question.

I've seen multi-vitamin, antioxidant, vitamin D and fish oil formulas that cost less online. Aren't these products good enough to get the job done?  

Answer:  No. 

After assessing the vitamin D, omega 3, nitric oxide and other critical, nutrient factors of hundreds of different people, we've discovered that the vast majority of those who regularly take conventional supplements still have deficiencies. Why? Because the "recommended dosage" guidelines on the label are too general and typically too low. And since most conventional supplements are not made from whole-food bases, even larger doses aren't well-absorbed or effective. While some supplements cost less, they're not really a bargain because they simply don't work....

The Most Common Supplement Questions: 2 of 5

In my last post, I explained why taking nutritional supplements is essential for optimal health and performance--even for those who are dedicated to eating well. You can read more on that topic here.

Now let's move on to the next, most frequently-asked question.

Question:I take a multi-vitamin supplement every, single day. Isn't that good enough?

Answer:  Not a chance!

The human body is composed of thousands of different biochemicals, which all need to interact predictably and efficiently for optimal health and performance. After years of study and analysis, we know that of the thousands, there are four critical factors (vitamin D, omega 3 fats, nitric oxide, and antioxidants and micronutrients derived from whole foods) that support the body's ability to function at its most basic, cellular level. Without optimal levels of these four factors--no matter what multi-vitamin or combination of other supplements you choose to take--you simply can't look, feel, or perform your very best.   


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