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Remember FundAminos in the Offseason

It happens every fall. The racing season is over and people who relied heavily on the FundAminos essential amio acid formula to see them through the ups, the downs (and everything in between) stop using it until spring.

While these seems like a logical, cost-cutting decision, it's a "lose, lose." You lose the foundational strength, energy and recovery benefits that are gained from having consistently high levels of essential amino acids fueling each and every one of your hard-working cells. And you lose all the additional, health-related benefits such as 
reduced levels of inflammation, deeper sleep, improved gastrointestinal health--and more...

November Special: 25% off Pure Clean Packets and Free Blender Bottle

We all know that a healthy diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, contributes to an athlete’s health and performance. But in 2013, the University of Exeter showed that athletes who supplemented their diet with nothing but beet juice were able to extend their time to exhaustion or endurance by a full 16 percent!
Why does beet juice improve athletic performance? It contains large amounts of naturally-occurring dietary nitrates, which support the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide or NO. Among other things, NO acts as a vasodilator; it increases the size of the blood vessels for improved oxygen delivery and a higher VO2 capacity....

Celebrate Flavia Oliveria at Rio and Save 25% on Pure Clean Beet Powder

Congratulations to Flavia Oliveira for an extraordinary race in the Woman’s Cycling Road Race at the Rio Olympics. She was only 20 seconds behind the winner and finished 7th in the second pack.

As a celebration for her hard work and determination, now through the end of the Olympics on August 20th, you can use the code YEAHFLAVIA and SAVE 25% and get FREE SHIPPING on the purchase of 2 jars of Pure Clean Powder.

Here’s why Pure Clean Powder is consider physical fitness in a jar and certainly played a role in Flavia’s success:

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Using FundAminos Every Day

1. FundAminos is almost 100% utilized for strength, energy, and recovery.

The essential amino acids derived from foods (animal proteins, beans, and nuts) must be digested before they can be used by the muscles, tissues, and cells. Unfortunately, the digestive process is imperfect Aging, stress (both physical and emotional), gastrointestinal imbalances, poor dietary choices, and the use of most common medications all interfere with the body’s ability to enzymatically breakdown foods and make their essential amino acids bio-available. Because FundAminos provides a (vegetable-based) source of all eight essential amino acids in their pure, elemental form, no digestion is required.

2. FundAminos is rapidly absorbed. ­­­­­­

Even if your digestive process was perfect, it would take several
hours for your body to gain access to the amino acids it has created and released into the blood stream. When taken away from other foods, FundAminos is absorbed into the blood stream within 20 to 30 minutes for almost-immediate strength and recovery support.

3. FundAminos is perfectly balanced.

FundAminos is a comprehensive formula containing a unique combination of all 8 essential amino acids (50% of which are branched chain amino acids). This formula is so complete, it could serve as your sole source of protein. If you consumed only branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) or vegetable-based proteins (both of which lack optimal levels of ALL the essential amino acids your cells and systems need), your health and performance would suffer....

The One Ingredient PR Buster

This article is an adaptation of an article posted on Superman Herbs and written by nutrition coach, Zack Zeller. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Hang in there and at the end there is a coupon to save 20% on Pure Clean Powder.

Before NO2 explode and creatine supplements filled the shelves of supplement stores and online BodyBuilding Forums, great athletes throughout time relied on regular old foods that grew straight out of the ground. Much of the market boasts about mega nutrients and superfoods backed by mountains of research.

But is that right?

Do you have to rely on synthetic chemicals and Frankenfood concoctions to boost your performance?

Sadly, the most ordinary foods are often overlooked for their ability to pack a punch your performance.  Let’s take beets for example.

When was the last time you ate a beet?

Beets fed millions of Russians in economic turmoil throughout the years, but there’s a hidden benefit to them as well....

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