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Woman Improves Telomere Length by 20 Years!

Last year, Elizabeth Parrish the CEO of BioViva USA Inc. received an injection of two experimental therapies. These consisted of a myostatin inhibitor to protect against loss of muscle mass with age, and a telomerase inducer to battle stem cell depletion responsible for diverse age-related diseases and infirmities. The experiment was designed to establish the first human safety data regarding telomerase induction.

One year later not only does Liz feel amazing and experienced significant improvement in metabolic biochemistry but most impressively her white blood cell telomeres have lengthened by approximately 20 years and recent;MRI scans show an increase in muscle size and a noticeable reduction in muscle fat content without any exercise regime.
Even more impressively, I saw Liz in August at Raadfest. (Revolution Against Aging and Death) and she looked incredibly fit and youthful. There literally was a glow to her skin.

Read the full report here. 

For those interested, RaadFest is a festival that brought together over 1000 leading researchers, educators, activists and enthusiasts in long life and longevity from all of the world. It was an amazing experience! 

The top scientist in the world truly believe that within the next 15 years or sooner, there will be revolutionary new therapies and protocols that will conquer the aging process and the diseases that occur because of it. And excitingly, tens of millions of dollars of funding are now being provided by technology entrepreneurs, many of them less than 50 years old, that will help make this happen. This one experiment by Liz Parrish is just the top of the iceberg of what is coming.

How much would the ability to turn back the hands of time be worth? 

How much would you pay to get biologically younger, even as your chronological age increases? How would you spend an extra five, ten, or 15 years of life?

What I'm about to share with you would probably have sounded like science fiction just a few, short years ago. But "anti-aging" has become a solid, studied science. And anti-aging products are becoming and increasingly-affordable and viable option for those who want to maximize their personal health, performance, and longevity.

The science of telomeres

As you may know, telomeres are the end caps of our DNA that serve to protect our genetic data each and every time our cells divide. The problem is that with each cellular division, our telomeres shorten--just a little. Over the course of many years, however, they become so short that our genetic data becomes corrupted, causing our cells to malfunction and die. Fortunately, a gene that encodes for an enzyme called telomerase, which can repair and re-lengthen our shortened telomeres, has been identified. Unfortunately, this gene is not active in most human cells. 

But here's some good news!

We now know that our telomere length directly correlates to age progression and disease. While your congenital telomere length (a gift from your grandparents) determines your potential for life-long health and longevity, the lifestyle choices you make can extend your lifespan.

If you're like me, your age doesn't slow you down. You take care of yourself by eating well, staying physically active, finding stress outlets, and regularly taking your Core 4 supplements. 

And while a non-toxic lifestyle, wholesome diet, high-quality sleep, and moderate amounts of physical activity in conjunction with the use of whole-food supplements that support optimal levels of vitamin D3, omega 3 fatty acids, and nitric oxide have all been proven to slow the rate of telomere shortening they won't stop the clock from ticking.   

So until advances in the new biotechnological advances become available and affordable, we need another option.

An Economical and Effective Solution Available Right Now. 

Fortunately, an effective--and affordable--option is available to the rest of us. It turns out that certain herbs and extracts also have the ability to activate the telomerase enzyme. The most potent of these is a concentrated extract of the Chinese herb astragalus called cyclastragenol. 

Early in 2016, I stumbled upon a bulk source of cycloastagenol and I began to work diligently toward the creation of Live Long, a novel supplement blend that contains cycolastragenol along with other synergistic botanicals to enhance absorption and telomerase activation from a broader range of activity.

The Live Long blend includes:  
Liposomal Astragalus extract (20% Astragaloside IV), Ashwagandha Ginseng 60:1 extract, Milk Thistle 80% Silymarin Organic Extract, Pterocarpus Marsupium 25% Pterostilbene Organic Extract, Cat’s Claw 5:1 Alkaloid extract (Uncaria Tomentoa), Fo-ti 20:1 extract (Polygonum Multiflora), Ascorbic Acid 2-Phosphate (Asc2P),Shilajit Tibetan 80:1 extract, Chaga 100:1 extract (Siberian Mushroom), Jiaogulan extract (95% Gypenosides), Narigenin, Liposomal Astragalus extract (98%) Cycloastragenol,

In addition, the blend is blended into a honey, ghee and coconut oil base that allows the product to be taken under the tongue and dissolved over the course of a a few minutes, further improving its absorption and effectiveness.

The Formula Works!

Here is some feedback from people using the Live Long formula.

*I dream every night. Dreaming is an indicator of deep, restful sleep.

*I have less gray hair.

*When I miss taking it during the one week off cycle. 

*I have energy to last me all day long.

*My recovery from hard, physical efforts has greatly improved.

*My blood pressure has dropped to 105/68. 

*My body is becoming leaner--without any increase in activity.

And yes, while none of this is scientific, there have been zero adverse issues and the results are what we would expect from a telomere supporting formula. In addition, most of our users are approaching one year on the formula and will be obtaining their first telomere length assessment so they can start the tracking progress. While physical effects are felt within the first few months, the greatest improvements in telomere length are seen from year one to year two.

Want to Join Us?

I originally formulated the blend initially for myself, father and a few long-term Core 4 clients. But in order to get better pricing on the raw ingredients we opened up use to a slightly larger group.
This provided the additional benefit of more objective and subjective feedback.

But even though the initial results have been so positive, because obtaining the raw materials and formulating the Live Long formula is currently such an arduous process, we are still limiting membership in our Core 4 Longevity Club.

The Good News!

We have space for 3 people. Our latest Live Long production produced enough for our current group plus some extra.

So Join Us in the Core 4 Longevity Club.

The Club’s mission is to offer cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions to those who want to grow younger--regardless of what the clock or calendar might say.  Membership in the club includes the Live Long nutritional formula, which contains a proprietary, TeloStrong.V1 botanical blend along with yearly serum Life Length telomere assessments to monitor your progress.   

The cost? 

Four months of the Live Long formula cost $1156.00. That's $289.00 a month. In addition, once you have been on the program for one year, we will provide you a no-cost Life Length Telomere Serum Assessment the gold-standard of telomere assessments to determine and track your progress. (normal cost of $589).

While there is no long-term commitment, in order for us to purchase ingredients (cost-effectively) in bulk, Telomere Club members must commit to purchasing one, four-month supply of Live Long. 

What's the next step?
Contact me by phone at #360.450.3768 or email me so we can speak about the details.

While there is no long-term "contract", we are looking for people who can both afford the membership and are committed to regularly using the product and performing the telomere assessments to track their results. It doesn't do anyone any good to just take Live Long for a few months!

in Long Life,  


Rick Cohen, M.D.
Core 4 Nutrition
Targeted Solutions for Optimal Health and Performance