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Why Supplement Programs Fail

I was recently speaking to a coach who regularly shares the Core 4 Nutrition Program concept with his clients.  He told me that while many of his athletes were enthusiastic about getting started, others were skeptical—one of the most common symptoms of MLM (multi-level marketing) product let down. 

I also spoke to three athletes who simply didn’t “believe” in taking supplements, citing a “healthy diet” as a panacea for their nutritional needs. 

Unfortunately, the nutritional supplement market is too often tainted by expensive, yet ineffective, products that invariably over promise and under deliver.  After having spent a large sum of money on magic solutions that never really materialize, many users of nutritional supplements become disillusioned. But those who have adopted an anti-supplement stance—based on a bad experience, disbelief, or misinformation—are missing the proverbial boat.

As a physician specializing in sports performance nutrition, I know two things:  Even the “healthiest” and most well-balanced of diets fall short when it comes to satisfying the human body’s nutrient needs.  And that the correct combination of the right supplemental nutrients taken in the proper amounts can have a dramatic impact on improving both cellular health and functional fitness.  During the past few years, I have amassed thousands of laboratory results to support these conclusions. 

Nutritional supplements can work.  And they can work very well.  When they don’t, there’s a reason—or reasons—why.  Typically, a supplement program will fail when:    

1.        The wrong type and/or amount of supplements are being taken.

From a physiological standpoint, your body is completely unique—and so is its need for nutritional supplements.  Despite what you may have read in a magazine or heard from a friend, there is no magic solution or one-size-fits-all formula for maximizing your personal health and fitness potential.  Each person requires a supplement program that can be fine-tuned scientifically over time to meet their individual needs and goals.

2.       The program is missing a necessary nutrient.

While there are thousands of different dietary supplements you could be taking, research has identified four, key factors (micro-nutrients, vitamin D3, omega 3 and anti-oxidant including nitric oxide) linked most significantly to improved cellular health and fitness.  Each of these four, key factors works in conjunction with the others to enhance their combined effectiveness for real, lasting results—like more energy, increased strength, improved endurance and  a leaner body.

3.       The supplements just aren’t effective. 

Even if you are wise enough to avoid the lesser quality supplements sold by major retailers (or margin-conscious MLM’s) that are filled with isolated and synthetic non-nutritive fillers, the products you’ve chosen may still not get the job done.  Our laboratory-based assessment results have shown that many vitamin D, fish oil, and multivitamin supplements (even when taken in an appropriate and regular dose) simply don’t work; they have little to no effect on your cellular health and physiological fitness.  If you are going to take supplements, it is critical that you regularly monitor their effects using an objective  assessment tool.  

4.       The products are not being taken regularly and/or results are expected too quickly. 

Like anything else in life, you get back what you put in.  Optimizing the four, foundational nutrient factors that lead to better overall health and performance requires a regular and ongoing commitment along with some good, old-fashioned patience.   As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  While many Core 4 Program users notice a difference in how they look and feel in a few weeks, the most significant benefits will often take time.  It can (and most likely will) take several months to restore your cellular levels of vitamin D3, omega 3 fatty acids, and nitric oxide.

5.       The product user’s expectations are unrealistic.

While the synergistic and regular use of the correct amounts of the right supplements can have very powerful effects on the body, they will NOT overcome the devastating effects of toxic, dietary and lifestyle choices—eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates, processed fats, refined sugars, and GMO’s; exposure to environmental toxins, excessive stress (both physical and mental), and a lack of sleep. 

If you’ve ever thought about  starting a supplement program, know that Core 4 Nutrition can give your body what it needs to succeed!  Because the Core 4 Nutrition Program is measurable, there won’t be any uncertainty or guesswork.  And you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your products are made from 100% whole food concentrates—from real fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  They don’t contain any of the non-nutritive fillers, chemical additives, genetically-modified, or potentially-toxic ingredients that other nutritional supplements contain.  And in addition to being pure, these products are potent since they’re more easily-recognized and better-utilized by the body.

Chances are you’ll quickly begin to notice the positive benefits that stem from the regular, consistent use of the Core 4 formulas.  And while looking and feeling fitter are fantastic, know that the most important changes are happening deep inside your body—at the cellular level—where they can’t be seen or felt. 

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