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What Your Doctor Does Not Know

How well does your body transport oxygen from your lungs to your muscles? Does it digest proteins and utilize carbohydrates as effectively as it should? Has your athletic performance started to decline? Do you frequently feel fatigued or have difficulty recovering from physical or mental stress?    
Posing any one of these questions to your doctor might get you a standard, serum chemistry profile as a general screen to rule out disease.  And while insights from this type of laboratory testing can be helpful, they don’t provide any direct or relevant information about the basic, physiological processes that drive your potential for health. 
At Core 4 Nutrition, determining the connection between your biological well-being and your functional performance capacity is our specialty.  Through the use of a series of unique assessments—all performed at home with a simple finger stick, saliva, or urine sample—it’s possible to identify and restore your body’s most essential nutrient needs.
I have been asked a number of times, “What’s so special about the Core 4 assessments? Can’t I just do a few extra tests the next time I go to my doctor?”  

There are a number of practical reasons why going to your doctor will not provide you with the information—or plan of action—that you need. 
First and foremost, the Core 4 assessments are sourced from independent, specialty laboratories that are not considered “standard” within the realm of traditional medicine. Not only are these assessments unavailable to most physicians, few are educated enough to even interpret their results. Evaluating the cellular health and performance needs of a fit, healthy, and motivated person is something that most doctors do not have the time, inclination, or experience to do....

In a perfect world, the general orientation of medical practitioners would be different; they would be more focused on optimizing health instead of categorizing and addressing the symptoms of disease.  The bottom line is that the concept of performance enhancement—the idea that it’s possible to improve your body’s ability to function optimally—doesn’t fit within the modern, medical model.
Since these assessments are designed to evaluate parameters of health instead of disease, even the most comprehensive of insurance plans will not cover their costs.  So why sit (for hours) in a doctor’s waiting room (and again at the laboratory) when you can collect your samples at home and get advice from experienced health and sports performance specialists!    
Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work directly with a number of physicians who were interested in taking their personal health and athletic performance  capacities to a next level.  And these doctors now regularly refer their patients to us. 

Why?  Because performance-related issues simply lie beyond the scope of their knowledge and expertise.  And because, as Core 4 clients, they are looking fitter and feeling stronger by following a targeted, measurable supplementation program.