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Vitamin D3: Get Stronger, Live Longer!

If you've been reading my posts, you already know that an optimal vitamin D3 level will strengthen your immune and metabolic systems while improving your muscular performance and recovery capacities.      

A recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that vitamin D3 is even more important because it prevents the onset of chronic disease and actually increases the human lifespan.  Researchers found that raising serum vitamin D3 levels above 50ng/ml in those who were deficient reduced their disease mortality rate by 20 percent and increased their life expectancy by a full five years.

To put these findings into perspective, consider this:  Having a low vitamin D3 level carries the same health and life expectancy risks as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for 15 years!... 

Diseases linked directly to vitamin D3 deficiencies--which include cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory infections and diseases, tuberculosis, and diabetes--account for more than half of the global mortality rate.  Increasing the vitamin D3 levels of those who are deficient significantly reduces the most common (and preventable) causes of death.  

But that's not all!   Recent research has also determined that an optimal vitamin D3 level will protect and preserve the length of your teleomeres--the endcaps of the DNA strands forming your chromosomes. Just like the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces, telomeres preserve the DNA information cells require each time they divide.  With each cell replication, the telomeres get shorter.  If they get too short, the replication process becomes faulty; the cells begin to malfunction, mutate, and die. 

Medical science now knows that one of the most important things we can do to slow down the aging process and prevent chronic chronic disease is to preserve the length of our telomeres.  Vitamin D3 supplementation can preserve the length--and life--of our telomeres.  

How much vitamin D3 do you need? Whatever amount it takes to achieve a vitamin D3 level between 50-65 ng/ml.  Based on our own clinical research, we have found that it typically takes about 500-1000iu of a highly-absorbable vitamin D3 formula for each 25 pounds of body weight daily.

Sounds simple right?  Take 5000iu of an inexpensive vitamin D3 formula once a day and you're good to go, right?  Wrong.  Most people can't achieve an optimal vitamin D3 level by using a nutritional supplement.  The problem is that many vitamin D3 products on the market are not effective; they are not easily-recognized or well-utilized by the human body.   

In order to achieve and maintain a vitamin D3 level that will improve your health and extend your longevity, you will need to use a formula that has been proven effective.  And you will need to verify your restorative results with the use of periodic, at-home assessments. You can do both of these simple and relatively inexpensive things by using our RemeD Vitamin D3 spray and at-home Vitamin D3 assessment.

Don’t forget about your omega 3 level.  It turns out that omega 3 fatty acids also protect telomere length.  A recent study at Ohio State University showed that healthy adults who took adequate amounts of a high-quality, omega 3 supplement for just four months reduced their levels of internal inflammation and oxidative stress (due to free radical damage) while preserving the length of their telomeres!  You can read more about this study here.

Interested in a comprehensive and cost-effective solution?   Then get with the Core 4 Nutrition Program!  The Core 4 Program is the only supplement system that provides a synergistic combination of all the essential nutrients your body needs for peak health and performance.  In addition to pure, proven formulas, you'll receive a series of at-home assessments for evaluating your vitamin D3, omega 3, nitric oxide, and antioxidant status so that you can measure your progress toward optimal health and physiological fitness.