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Three Cool and Very Effect New Formulas

At Core 4 Nutrition, we take a great deal of pride in providing you with a select group of fundamental formulas that offer lasting health and performance benefits. Each and every product we sell has not only been tried, but scientifically tested for efficacy. Do your nutritional supplements actually work? There's no reason to guess when you can measure their physiological effects using a series of simple, at-home assessments. Proven results are the cornerstone of our company. You can read more about what makes us different than the rest here.

The Core, Four Formulas Include:

Whole-food powdersthat provide pure, low-temperature-processed nutrients from 51 different vegetables, fruits, and botanicals.

Vitamin Din a highly-effective oral spray.

Omega 3 fatty acidsin a delicious, peach mango base.

Nitric Oxidesupport in the form of a convenient (and great-tasting) lozenge.

Essential Amino Acidsin a cost-effective, palatable, and user-friendly powder.

You can check them out here.

Additional Product Support Includes:

A small number of unique, targeted formulas that have passed our stringent, in-house testing.  They include high-quality products that can be used alone or as complementary additions to any Core 4 program. 

Our Most Recent Product Options Include: 


This one-of-a-kind probiotic contains five, spore biotics that are both temperature and acid-resistant; and have proven to be 95% effective in repopulating healthy gut bacteria. This incredibly-effective and innovative formula is based on the breakthrough research of the Human Gut Biome project. 

This product is perfect for those who suffer from GI issues or anyone who simply wants to maintain a health gut microbiome. Take 1 capsule daily for maintenance; 2 capsules daily for restoration.  

Get it here.

Exo Cricket Protein Bar

The vast majority of protein bars have issues. They contain too many carbohydrates, are overly-processed, or feature a poor source of protein. The Exobar is a really cool product that is not only nutritious and delicious and trend-setting in its use of cricket protein powder. Why cricket protein? Insects have virtually no taste and are exceptionally nutritious. They are naturally high in micronutrients including iron, calcium, and B vitamins and low in sugars. Most importantly, they are a complete source of protein, containing all the essential amino acids. I highly recommend these for a post-work-out or after-dinner snack. 

Get some here.

PureClean Organic Beet Powder 

Optimizing your nitric oxide level with a nitrate-rich diet and supplements like Core 4 Nutrition's Charge! is one of the most important health and performance secrets I know. While many people have found Charge! to be all they need, some need (or want) an extra NO boost.

Supplementing with this organic, beet root powder will definitely get the job done. This not-too-sweet formula is much more convenient and cost effective than liquid juices. Add it to Chocoberry Blast or FundAminos. Or simply add water. 

Get it here.

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