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Ready to Look Good, Feel Great, and Perform at Your Peak?

Now you can!

The Core 4 Nutrition Performance Programis a scientifically-proven nutritional support system used by hundreds of athletes--from weekend warriors to world-class competitors--for improved cellular health and physical performance. 

Why choose the Core 4 Program?

At Core 4 Nutrition,we've done the research and leg work. We understand which nutrients your body actually needs and which products really work when it comes to delivering real, restorative benefits.  We've even developed a series of at-home assessments that will allow you to monitor your personal progress.  And we've bundled it all together in a complete and cost-effective package that's delivered regularly, right to your doorstep! 

Why Supplement Programs Fail

I was recently speaking to a coach who regularly shares the Core 4 Nutrition Program concept with his clients.  He told me that while many of his athletes were enthusiastic about getting started, others were skeptical—one of the most common symptoms of MLM (multi-level marketing) product let down. 

I also spoke to three athletes who simply didn’t “believe” in taking supplements, citing a “healthy diet” as a panacea for their nutritional needs. 

Unfortunately, the nutritional supplement market is too often tainted by expensive, yet ineffective, products that invariably over promise and under deliver.  After having spent a large sum of money on magic solutions that never really materialize, many users of nutritional supplements become disillusioned. But those who have adopted an anti-supplement stance—based on a bad experience, disbelief, or misinformation—are missing the proverbial boat.

As a physician specializing in sports performance nutrition, I know two things:  Even the “healthiest” and most well-balanced of diets fall short when it comes to satisfying the human body’s nutrient needs.  And that the correct combination of the right supplemental nutrients taken in the proper amounts can have a dramatic impact on improving both cellular health and functional fitness.  During the past few years, I have amassed thousands of laboratory results to support these conclusions. 

Nutritional supplements can work.  And they can work very well.  When they don’t, there’s a reason—or reasons—why.  Typically, a supplement program will fail when:    

How to Take a Mulitvitamin?

On first thought, what could be so complicated about taking a multivitamin?  Over the years I have heard tens of variations of the same question asked.  How to take a multivitamin might seem simple.  But doing it properly can be rather complex.  On closer examination, there are many issues concerning the use of multivitamins that need to be considered and addressed.  

Before proceeding I should clarify that the focus of this article will be on the use of a conventional multivitamin—the standard, one-a-day formula that many people take in order to make up for the nutrients they know are lacking from their diet; the magic pill that they hope will give them more energy, make them feel better, or reduce their risk of developing a chronic illness like heart disease or cancer.  The common multivitamin is almost always a random conglomeration of any number of isolated vitamins and minerals that have been combined and included based on some percentage of the government's RDA (recommended daily allowance).

Now let's focus on answering some of the specific questions that people have asked on the topic of how to take a multivitamin.  I am sure a number of these have probably even crossed your mind...

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