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The Critical Importance of Optimal Levels of Nitric Oxide

The longer I work with Core 4 clients, the clearer it becomes: A high nitric oxide (NO) level is anABSOLUTE NECESSITY for optimal health and performance. With that in mind, devote just a few minutes of time to reading this important post. Butbefore you do, please download and save our new NO Assessment PDF so that you'll have it when you need it.   

Need a quick NO refresher? 

Check out my previous post then continue reading what follows below.

Your body takes the FUEL (from the food you eat) and the OXYGEN (from the air you breathe), converting it into the cellular ENERGY that powers your heart, lungs, and muscles. The most recent, scientific research shows that a shortage of a short-lived gas called nitric oxide (NO) will impair this essential, energy production process....

Mythbuster: Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

What's the most important meal of the day?

All together now Breakfast!

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we should eat the first thing in the morning. But the truth is that (for most people) waiting a few (or more) hours to "break the fast" after waking up can be more beneficial to your health.

The catch is that you can’t implement this practice and derive its benefits until you train your body to burn fat as opposed to sugar (simple carbohydrates). Otherwise, you'll be setting the stage for food cravings, fatigue, and poor concentration because your blood sugar will be low. Sugar burners are required to eat carbohydrates every few hours to maintain a steady blood sugar level, which keeps the hunger and food cravings at bay.

When you become fat adapted (your body recognizes and utilizes fat as its preferred fuel), you'll find that you won't always be hungry in the morning; you may even feel more energetic and focused when you wait a few hours to eat.  Here's why:...

One Drop of Saliva Is All You Need to Assess Your Health and Performance

Restoring optimal nitric oxide levels is a powerful and critical step if you want to optimize performance and health. And the best part is that all it takes is for you to periodically put a drop of saliva on a Nitric Oxide Assessment strip first thing in the morning to determine your status. 

In this 14 minute video, NO researchers Dr. Nick Delgado and Dr. Nathan Bryant review the important physiological aspects of nitric oxide and why optimal levels are critical for health and performance.  
Want to learn more?...

Please download our free Secret to Athletic Performance e-booklet and read this blog postWhat My Russian Grandmother Can Teach You About Performance.

You will learn how to optimize NO levels with lifestyle, training and certain key foods along whole-food derived supplements such as 
Chocoberry Blastour great tasting whole-food concentrate, and Charge!, our nitric oxide and performance boosting lozenges.

What My Russian Grandmother Can Teach You About Performance

My grandmother immigrated to New York in 1917 from a small farming village in the Ukraine. She died a few years ago at the age of 102 and was very healthy and functional until her late 90’s. While age and the eating habits of the modern United States caught up to her in her later years, we always knew that there was something about her upbringing in rural Ukraine that contributed to her health and vitality.

From the stories she told, I knew that her family was not wealthy but they were always well fed. They had enough money and were able to grow enough food to avoid going hungry. Food was a priority in her Jewish heritage. And for those who are familiar with the term “epigenetics,” this meant that her DNA stock was probably very strong,

Through the years, I have attributed her longevity to many of the common-sense health habits we all know are good to practice:   

She didn’t smoke, but regularly drank small amounts of red wine after an evening meal.  Every morning she drank hot apple cider vinegar and honey.  She preferred home-cooked meals to restaurant dining and she didn’t eat to excess.  She enjoyed taking long walks and stayed lean most of her adult life.  She was faithful about taking nutritional supplements and maintained strong, personal connections to her family and friends.

But I now realize that there were other habits that were a natural necessity among hard-working people living in a harsh environment.  These habits played an even greater role in her ability to stay active, strong and healthy well into her 90’s.  And these habits can dramatically improve your health and performance, too! ...

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