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Super Nutrition for Super Performance at a Super Price

Just recently, a Core 4 client reached out to me with a dilemma that illustrates how difficult the purchase of a nutritional supplement can be. With thousands of products available, choosing can be confusing!

Here's what happened.Jay had been enjoying our;Chocoberry Blastso much that he wanted to start sharing it with the members of the fitness facility he owns. In speaking with them, he learned that many were already using theShakeologyformula. When he compared the two product labels he became overwhelmed trying to decipher the differences. So he asked for my help.

After a careful review of theShakeology and Chocoberry Blast labels, and the applications of some simple, deductive math, it was fairly easy to determine the three, biggest differences: 
1. Total Nutrient Content

Each serving of Chocoberry Blast contains 10 grams of whole food, botanical, and herbal concentrates; Shakeology contains only 4.5 grams.

2. Price 
Shakeology costs $129.00 for 30 servings ($4.50 per serving). Chocoberry Blastcosts $49.00 for 30 servings ($1.63 per serving). Given that Chocoberry has twice the amount of superfood nutrition, it would be necessary to purchase two bags--or $260.00 worth--of Shakeology to get the same dose per dollar!...

3. Marketing 

Shakeology is a best-selling nutritional meal replacement formula marketed by Beachbody Fitness, the company that created the highly successful P90X program. They have sold almost $1 billion dollars of fitness-related products during the past 10 years. The company creates good products, but their sales seem to be driven more by their image and perceived appeal. 

With Shakeology, Beachbody offers a clean, GMO-free product with some organic ingredients and a very slick marketing campaign. But if you look closely at the label, it becomes clear that the "emperor’s clothes" are not tailor-made, but taken from the clearance rack at Nordstrom’s.

If you choose their product over our product, this is what you'll get for 3 times the price:  

  • Less than half the amount of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and adaptogens.
  • 17 extra grams of low-quality pea and whey protein isolates.
  • 11 grams of grain or starch-based carbohydrates as opposed to 8 grams from organic cocoa.
  • Small amounts of synthetic, isolated vitamins and insufficient dosages of vitamins D3 and K2.

So what are you really paying for?
The convenience of relatively good-tasting, pre-mixed meal replacement that contains some protein and slower-burning carbohydrates.

But the there are two problems:

First, Shakeology contains very little healthy fat for more lasting, sustained energy. The need to add coconut or MCT oil negates the "shake and go" advantage you end up paying a premium price for. 
Second, the product is meant to be used as a meal replacement; it doesn't pack enough "punch" to be considered a nutrient-dense supplement or rapidly-utilized, protein-free pick-me-up. 

If you have $200.00 a month to spend on Shakeology to have on-hand as a convenient meal replacement product, that's great. 

But the better choice is Chocoberry Blast

You can still mix it up anywhere at anytime with water; milk or a milk substitute; or blended with a Bulletproof coffee. You can find that recipe here.  
Need an "honest-to-goodness" meal replacement?  
It takes just a few minutes to blend up this nutritionally-complete, fat-burning drink:
Superdense food Support 
2 scoops of Chocoberry Blast

Protein 21 grams (choose one)
Grass Lake Hydrolyzed Collagen or 
Designs for Health Paleo Protein or
Sunwarror Warrior Protein or
1 Whole Egg
Carbohydrates (if desired)
¼ cup berries or 1/3 banana
¼ cooked sweet potato or sweet potato powder
organic beet powder
1 TBL Udos 3:6:9 Blend and/or
½ TLB coconut or MCT oil and/or
½ to 1TBL avocado or olive oil and/or
½ to 1 TBL ghee
Milk or the milk substitute of your choice and/or
Coldbrewed coffee and/or
Water and/or
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