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Struggling to Get Fit? Eat More Fat!

Believe it or not, eating the proper amount of the right kind of fat may very well be the key to unlocking your personal health, appearance, and performance potential.  A common misconception is that fatty foods cause weight gain.  But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, eating enough healthy, dietary fat can actually help your body burn more pounds of unwanted, body fat.  And the good news doesn't stop there!  Fueling your body with foods rich in omega-3 fats can: 

• Improve your digestion.
• Reduce your sugar and carbohydrate cravings.                                                
• Increase your energy and improve your mood.
• Speed healing and recovery while increasing your stamina.
• Heighten not only your mental game, but improve your overall physical performance.

For many years, fats have been fighting an image problem. Unfortunately, incomplete and incorrect information have given them a bad reputation.

Of course, there are bad fats (those that cause degenerative diseases) that should be avoided. Bad fats include those that have been hydrogenated or refined, and can be damaged by over-heating. But the truth of the matter is that eating too many carbohydrates—especially those in the form of refined white sugars and flours—increases body fat.     

What constitutes 'excessive' in terms of carbohydrates? Any amount that is ingested but not immediately used for fuel. And the more refined the carbohydrate, the faster we need to begin the process of burning it so the body won’t default to storing it as fat. Complex carbohydrates—like tubers and other root vegetables—take longer for the body to digest, buying time before the starches (sugars) are either burned for energy or converted into fat. Once they become fat, they cannot be converted back into glucose—the form of sugar that servers as the principle (and immediate) source of fuel for both the body and the brain.

When it comes to assessing your overall health, keep in mind that your body fat percentage and/or outward appearance aren’t always a reflection of your total fitness level or performance potential. While having a slim, attractive body is often equated with being healthy or fit, this view is rather limited. Being thinner doesn’t mean you’re any healthier or capable of performing any better than someone who is a few pounds heavier.

The larger goal should be to optimize your intake of good (omega-3) fats while eliminating the bad (omega-6). Remember:  Every single cell in the human body needs fat to function properly. Like air, water and sunshine, our human bodies need fat for optimal function. An estimated 99% of the U.S. population is deficient in omega-3 fats.  Are you?  

Find out with the simple, at-home assessment available hereFYI: Core 4 Nutrition pricing on this assessment is at least $25.00 less than elsewhere else!

This assessment will evaluate your body’s ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats.  It will also provide a measurable insight into your internal inflammation level, which can lead glucose intolerance and higher body fat levels.  

Optimizing your intake of omega-3 fats (primarily through cold-water fish such as salmon) and the intake of at least 2 grams daily of the omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA) from a proven, highly-absorbable formula such as the Core 4 Nutrition Just Peachy fish oil liquid blend can protect your joints, improve your sleep, your mood, and your ability to concentrate. 

So don't delay. Start eating more healthy fats today!