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Something New and Exciting in the Sport of Triathlon

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a series of events that you could complete in that would offer real incentive to improve and complete to receive something more than another medal or $20 off athletic gear or a meal coupon? And what if these events also promoted team competition also had a focus on long term health or the participants not just your entry fee dollars?

If you think that is as cool as I do then you will be excited to learn more about the Tri Club Championship Series (TCCS) and how it is coming to your region in the near future.

What’s the Big Idea?

Over the past two years, TCCS has been a tremendous success in Calfornia. In fact, this primarily short-course race series of 14 events across the state has become one of the leading triathlon club competitions in the U.S. TCCS has affiliated Tri Clubs in every major metro area of California (the largest endurance sports market in the world). To date, the series has awarded over $50,000 in prizes to participating triathletes, helping to engage and motivate athletes and significantly increase both club and event registrations.

Here’s the site:;

I am proud to share that last season’s overall TCCS Points Winner in the women’s division was none other than my wife and partner Jackie Cohen, who wears many different hats here at Core 4 Nutrition and Pure Clean Performance! As the 2016 TCCS Women’s Champion, Jackie is in the process of planning an almost-all-expenses paid racing adventure for two—anywhere Alaska Airlines flies—that she won. Got some suggestions on where we should go and race? Let us know!

How Did TCCS Start?

The TCCS was started based on the desire of a group of major companies in California who wanted their employees to have the opportunity to compete in multi-sport races around the country. A venue for promoting the “fitness lifestyle” was something that resonated with many upper-level executives who know that fitness and business productivity are linked tightly together. The California series has been a test prototype that’s provided proof positive feedback—TCCS is ready for a national expansion!

What Does This Mean?

On the most basic and practical level, a nation-wide race series of the best independent events that offers tangible scoring and valuable prizes will bring a much-needed spark of interest in and excitement to the sport of triathlon. Athletes from beginners to elites have the fun and fulfilling opportunity to race together with their fellow Tri Club teammates in an effort to win great prizes – and get recognized in the process on social media

You can like their page here

They Can Use Your Help?

To become a national model for this kind of competition, and help get tens of thousands of new triathletes involved in our sport, TCCS needs your help. There are opportunities to promote, sponsor and fund the TCCS vision.

Helping now can mean a better future for our sport, and more fun (and prizes) for everyone!

And, TCCS is built on some on a unique technology platform that promises an unprecedented level of integration for the numerous profit centers of our sport.

If you want to learn more right now, listen to Bob Babbitt and John Cofano on this recent Babbittville podcast: 
John Cofano, the founder of TCCS and CEO of Goodwell Technologies would welcome the opportunity to discuss the TCCS opportunity with you further. He can be reached directly at . Or, reach out to me for a connection and perspective on why our companies will be participating.

In Good Health,

Rick Cohen, M.D.