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So Tasty Even the Most Finicky Eaters Will Love It

Just yesterday I was speaking with a client who had been following the Core 4 program for several months. She was sharing with me how much she enjoyed using the products. She not only had more energy, but had lost 10 pounds—without even trying—because she no longer craved carbohydrates.  

She wanted to encourage her husband to get on the program, but she knew that the taste of Fruit-n-Veggie Might would be an issue for him.  “It’s just too green for him,” she explained. But she was very excited to share with me that after switching over to our new Chocoberry Blast with her last shipment, both her husband and her teenage son were drinking it every day.  

Proof that something can be both nutritious and delicious!

If you are a regular reader of the Core 4 newsletter, you should be familiar with the critical importance of using whole-food nutrient support in order to optimize your health and performance.  You can read two past blog posts here and here. The research is clear that the human body does not need (or effectively utilize) synthetic and/or isolated vitamins and minerals. 

What it does do need is an abundant supply of the naturally-occurring nutrients found in fresh, raw vegetables, fruits, and herbs....

And while there is a place for isolated vitamins and mineral support to restore documented nutrient imbalances or deficiencies, a whole-food supplement formula really needs to be the cornerstone of your nutritional supplement program.  Many of you have shared your success stories and we have hundreds of laboratory results from assessments such as the Organix Comprehensive Metabolic Profile that repeatedly prove the restorative effects of whole-food nutrients.   

While it’s not too difficult to create a powerful blend of different fruit, vegetable, and botanical concentrates that will nourish your body with the wide variety of micronutrients and antioxidants it needs, it’s a bit more difficult to create a product that tastes really good—especially to those who may not be accustomed to eating lots of green vegetables.   

When deciding on a whole food formula for the Core 4 Nutrition program, we evaluated over 15 different blend options for quality, taste, nutrition, and cost. What we discovered was that virtually all whole-food formulas on the market were completely unpalatable, too expensive, too low in quality and/or contained too many fillers (such as protein and fiber) which reduced the actual dosage of food concentrates.  Our Fruit-n-Veggie Might formula offers the best of most worlds. And while the benefits associated with its use are many and varied, its taste has been an obstacle for some.

So about a year ago, I went back to the drawing board so to speak to come up with a formula that didn’t taste green AND offered more nutritional support. I wanted the new blend to have a stronger effect on supporting nitric oxide levels.  That blend is Chocoberry Blast.

What’s the formula secret? 

Rich-dark organic cocoa combined with an organic, anti-oxidant-rich fruit and beet root blend that’s topped off with hypo-allergenic minerals derived from grass-fed goat whey.   

Add it to your protein drink or use it as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up shaken up with some coconut or almond milk.  I love it mixed with hot water, a tablespoon of grass fed butter, and a little MCT oil which makes for a nutrient-dense coffee (or sugary hot chocolate) alternative that keeps me fueled for hours. 

How does Chocoberry Blast compare to other whole-food formulas?

•    It may now be the best-tasting, whole-food-concentrate formula available.  It’s no longer something you HAVE to drink, but something you’ll WANT to drink!

•    It’s made from a wide variety of organic whole-food fruit, vegetable, and herbal concentrates. While beneficial to health, many formulas primarily contain algae, sprouts, and grasses. 

•    It’s as close to “free of the vine” as possible.  Low-temperature processing preserves and protects its nutrient content and enzymatic potency.

•    It’s GMO free and contains no fillers, heavy metals, herbicides, or pesticides of any kind! Only a small percentage of formulas can make this claim and actually back it up!

•    At $49 per bag for 450 grams, it is gram for gram one of the most cost effective products on the market.  ANYONE AND EVERYONE can benefit from the use of Chocoberry Blast.  

•    It provides more than 60 different organic fruit, vegetable, and herbal concentrates for total nutrient support. 

•    It provides synergistic amounts of micronutrients and antioxidants that can reduce and reverse the effects of free radical damage while supporting the production of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids.
•    It provides targeted nutrients that promote healthy brain activity, fewer food cravings, and a reduced appetite.

•    It’s packed with nitrate-rich vegetables such as beets, kale, and other green foods that support nitric oxide levels which are critical for blood flow, energy, and recovery.

•    It’s rich in dark green vegetables that help bind toxins and enhance liver detoxification. 
•    It provides “pre” AND “pro” biotics to support GI health and digestion.

•    It contains adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms which help the body mitigate the harmful effects of stress.

•    It restores proper body chemistry (pH balance) after a protein-rich meal or following a period of heavy physical and/or mental stress.

Ready to try Chocoberry Blast either hot or cold?

Through June 15, enter CHOCO35 and get up to 3 bags of Chocoberry Blast for just $35.00 each. (regular price is $49.00).

There may never be an offer this good again, so stock up now!