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The Secret of Long Life Learned from Lobsters

A few weeks ago, I learned something about lobsters that amazed and excited me.It turns out that lobsters are part of an exclusive group of “biologically immortal” animals. Check out this Wikipedia link.

Lobsters die only if they get eaten or injured by a predator, or contract a rare disease.  But they never from old age!  They don’t have a built-in life expectancy in their cells.  And because of this, lobsters constantly get stronger, bigger and more virile as they age.  Older lobsters are actually more fertile than younger lobsters and if left alone, they will live and grow for centuries.

Lobsters, like many other decapod crustaceans, grow throughout life and are able to add new muscle cells at each molt.  While it doesn't happen often, 100-year-old lobsters that weigh somewhere in the vicinity of 40 pounds are occasionally caught.

What's their secret to eternal life?

It turns out it that in lobsters, telomerase (the enzyme that helps rebuild and maintain telomeres) stays active their entire lives.  The telomerase prevents their telomeres from becoming shorter, which stops their cells from aging and dying! 1  ...

In case you didn't know, telomeres are fragments capping the end of our DNA that preserve the accuracy of celluar division and replication.  In simple terms, telomeres are a biological stop watch that determines how long your cells (and you) will live—and how healthy you will be.   Telomeres are long when we are born and short when we die. You can learn more about telomeres by exploring the following links: herehere and here.

So while lobsters have the ability to keep their telomeres eternally long, humans do not.  In humans, telomerase production is turned off causing our telomeres to get shorter and shorter over time.  The shorter the telomeres, the more rapidly our cells, body and mind age.   Interestingly enough, there are some cell lines in humans (such as those responsible for sperm production) that do have perpetual telomerase activity.  This is why it's not impossible for an 80-year-old man to father a child.

The lobster's secret can help you live and longer and more productive life!

We now know that by maintaining the length of our telomeres, it is quite possible to slow down--and even reverse--the aging process. This bears repeating:  If you keep your telomeres long like the lobsters do, you can actually grow younger!

You can imagine that this incredible discovery has led to a race to develop products and technologies that will activate telomerase in humans.  And I am happy to share with you that one product is now available.  A highly-concentrated, proprietary extract of astragalus called TA65 has already been proven to activate telomerase, lengthen telomeres, improve health, increase performance and reverse many of the effects of aging such as wrinkles and gray hair.  
Unfortunately, the price tag of TA65 is a limiting factor for many people. But there are some relatively simple and inexpensive things you can do that you will make can significantly improve your telomere length.    

I’ll tell you more about this next week.

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1. Klapper W, et. al. “Longevity of Lobsters is Linked to Ubiquitous Telomerase Expression.” FEBS Lett. 1998; 143-6.