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Resetting Your DNA

Our knowledge in the field of anti-aging medicine has exploded over the past 5 years, with many once-unimaginable breakthroughs on the horizon in the next 10 years. In several of my recent posts, I touched upon the topic of how the length of our telomeres effect how we feel and how rapidly we age. These posts can be found here:

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Those interested in learning more, should watch this 15-minute video entitled "Resetting DNA" by Michael Fossel MD, PhD.

And those who are ready to start taking proactive measures, should follow these six, simple steps for slowing down (and even reversing) the aging process: 

1. Assess your current biological age by measuring your percentage of short telomeres.

2. Restore your vitamin D, omega 3, and nitric oxide levels to an optimal status with the use of Core 4's tried-and-true supplement system.

3. Reduce your level of internal inflammation by reducing your carbohydrate intake and completely eliminating processed sugars and oils from your diet.

4. Limit your exposure to environmental, emotional, and dietary toxins. 

5. Assess the status of your cellular health with the Organic Cellular Metabolic Profile.

6. Consider the use of a natural, telomerase activator such as TA65, or the newly released less expensive UltraEssence. Contact me directly for the details,

For some practical information on how you can begin to reduce telomere loss for increased health and longevity, download Seeds of Success: Ten Tips for a Healthier, Happier Life. This free, e-booklet will reveal the top, ten life-enhancing practices followed by the world's longest-living societies.

In Good Health,

Rick Cohen, M.D.