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Real Results from Real Products

I often find myself telling people what makes the Core 4 Nutrition program so special. Here are just a few of the things I frequently say: 

The Core 4 program is scientifically sound; it's based upon thousands of data points gleaned from the physiological assessment results of hundreds of athletes, of all ages and ability levels.  

The Core 4 program works.  It doesn't matter if you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned, elite athlete; those who follow the Core 4 program consistently and regularly experience positive, measurable results. Not only do they feel the difference, their assessment results are proof positive.  

The Core 4 program is a synergistic system. Each and every product has been chosen to satisfy a specific, nutrient need.  And each has been chosen  because of its ability to enhance the positive effects of the others.  The Core 4 were designed to be so much more than a random assortment of supplements, sitting unused by the sink.  

The Core 4 program is real!  The products are made only from whole-food concentrates and food-derived ingredients. They are 100% GMO free and contain absolutely nothing synthetic or artificial. .. 

The Core 4 program features proven products; like FundAminos, the endurance and recovery formula so many high-achieving athletes have come to rely on; Chocoberry Blast, the nutritious and delicious powdered, multi-nutrient blend; and Just Peachy, the smooth and creamy fish oil that's super effective and tasty enough to be used as a desert topping!

But maybe what is most important to people considering Core 4 is what 
Lee RinneStephanie Cosina and other Core 4 clients have had to tell their friends, family, and colleagues about Core 4 Nutrition.  I hope that one of these success stories will inspire you to get with the Core 4 Nutrition program, too!

If you've not yet tried our newest product, 
Chocoberry Blast, don't delay any longer. Visit the Core 4 site anytime within the next two weeks and enter Choco15 during checkout. You'll save a full $15.00 off the regular price.