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Ready to Claim Your Place on the Podium?

Then an optimal level of Nitric Oxide (NO) should become your number one performance priority.  

Read on and then download our free report—The Secret to Unlocking your Personal Performance Potential—to learn how raising your NO level can give you a competitive edge.    

Your nitric oxide level drives your physical performance potential.

The cells in a highly-efficient body use fuel (from the food you eat) and oxygen (from the air you breathe) for energy to power your heart, lungs and muscles.  The latest research proves that when your nitric oxide level is low, your body will not be efficient at producing and delivering the energy your body needs for peak, athletic performance.  And when the body’s energy production capacity falls behind, all those early morning practices and hours of hard training can actually reduce—instead of improve—your athletic performance. 

Here’s the good news:  When you raise your NO level, your personal performance results can sky rocket!  

The effects of nitric oxide are fleeting but powerful. 

Because nitric oxide is a short-lived gas that dissipates very quickly after being released, the pivotal role it plays in virtually every physiological function took even the scientific community by surprise.  Now, almost 15 years after its Nobel Prize winning discovery and more than 120,000 scientific papers later, the health and performance enhancing benefits of NO are being realized...   

As it’s created and released, nitric oxide quickly and easily penetrates the cellular membranes initiating myriad signals that give an almost-immediate boost the body’s energy production system.   Most notably, it relaxes the smooth muscle lining of the blood vessels, promoting better blood flow (and therefore oxygen delivery) to the cells.

NO also acts as powerful antioxidant by neutralizing the free radical superoxide and promoting the formation of glutathione, a critical antioxidant.  It facilitates the transmission of messages between nerve cells contributing to improved memory and learning capacities, better sleep, and a more positive mood.  It supports the immune system by helping the body fight off infections and the potential development of cancer cells.

And as bodybuilders have known for years, it contributes directly to glucose uptake, muscle velocity, power output, gene expression, and muscle growth.  You’ll learn more about how NO supports the body’s ability to build and maintain muscle when you download our free report— The Secret to Unlocking Your Personal Performance Potential.

An unexpected discovery.

Over the past few years, the health and performance applications revealed by NO science have been almost too numerous to count.  New insights into how the body can convert certain foods to nitric oxide have provided us with an even greater appreciation for the vital importance of eating your greens (and your reds).  And why supplementation with large amounts of sports supplements containing L-arginine are not effective for many athletes, especially those over the age of 40.

It turns out that the nitrates found in dark, green vegetables; and in beets, pomegranates, and berries are essential for NO production.  If these foods are lacking in your diet—or if the health of your mouth and intestinal bacteria are compromised—your body will not be able to produce an adequate amount of NO.  In addition, a lack of sleep, over training, aging, and the use of alcohol or certain medications can also lead to the performance-reducing depletion of your NO level.   

Here’s even more good news:  Achieving and n optimal NO level is simple with the right action plan!     

Download our free report The Secret to Unlocking Your Personal Performance Potential to learn more about how nitrate-rich foods can help to build and maintain an optimal NO level; what nutrients and nutritional supplements can optimize and activate it;  and how to regularly assess and monitor your restorative results. 

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