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Product Authenticity and Purity

At Core 4 Nutrition, we strive to offer cutting-edge services and products—none of which can be classified as “sports performance” supplements because they are composed of either naturally-occurring minerals or food-based ingredients.  In short, what we offer is a natural, yet powerful, arsenal of nutritional supplements that can be targeted to meet an athlete’s individual, physiological needs.  We strive to offer these products at the most competitive prices found anywhere.  And we are dedicated to continually searching for the most innovative nutritional supplements available. 

While a few of the products we offer are our own, most are sourced from other companies that bring a unique expertise to their manufacturing process. The supplements we sell have been carefully selected for their unbeatable quality, efficacy, and purity.      

As a result, we do not sell products that have been specifically certified by the NSF.  For one reason, the cost of certification is prohibitively expensive. To date, the NSF has given their stamp of approval to only 28 large companies producing a combined total of 90 different products—all of which contain... 

either non-nutritive fillers or artificial ingredients or both.  None of these mass-marketed supplements come close to meeting our quality standards.  At Core 4 Nutrition, we sell only products made by companies that routinely analyze what they make.  This means that they can guarantee the quality and purity of each and every one of their supplements with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity).  And without exception, all of our manufacturers adhere to the Guaranteed Manufacturing Practice (GMP) codes established by the FDA.  These codes are considered the gold standard in the nutritional supplement industry as they demand proof of the identity, purity, strength, and composition of any dietary supplement prior to FDA approval.  It is important to realize that NSF certification does not guarantee compliance with GMP codes.  In other words, a product can be NSF certified without being FDA approved.    

It is even more important to understand that NSF certification does not provide definitive protection to athletes concerned about testing positive for the use of a banned substance.  From a practical standpoint, the more pressing issue athletes face is the safety and purity of their food supply.  The rampant use of growth hormones by commercial beef and dairy producers continues without any regulation.  Any time an athlete eats at a restaurant or consumes a pre-packaged food, he or she may be unwittingly exposed to a hormonal derivative that may lead to a positive result when tested for the use of certain banned substances. 

At Core 4 Nutrition, we have taken pain-staking efforts to ensure that our products meet or exceed the FDA’s rigid, dietary supplement guidelines.  What does this mean?   That competitive athletes can purchase and use our high-quality products with complete confidence and peace of mind.