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Pre-Season Sale on Pure Clean Organic Beet Juice Powder

Welcome to Pure Clean Powder from Core 4 Nutrition!

If you're already a fan of Pure Clean Powder, you know that this 100% organic beet juice powder contains a CERTIFIED amount of NATURALLY-OCCURRING dietary nitrates.

What exactly is a dietary nitrate?

It's an inorganic compound composed of nitrogen and oxygen that's found in soil and water. The highest levels of dietary nitrates are found in vegetables, most notably red beets. The actual amount of nitrates beets contain can be highly variable depending on growing conditions. Pure Clean Powder is made from the good stuff!

Once eaten, your body converts dietary nitrates into nitric oxide (NO).

What's nitric oxide?

NO is an essential, signaling molecule that drives muscular function through the regulation of blood flow, muscle contractility, glucose uptake, and cellular energy production. Mitochondria (the oxygen-consuming and energy-producing powerhouses of the cells) use oxygen and create energy more efficiently when your nitric oxide level is consistently high. 

Optimal NO levels have been directly linked to peak, athletic performance!
But you may need to consume more dietary nitrates than your training partner to get the same effects. As athletes, we are all physiologically-unique and our dietary nitrate needs are unique, too. Age, exercise intensity and frequency, and certain genetic predispositions are just a few of the factors that can affect your individual nitrate/nitric oxide status.

Do you know what your NO level is?

Until recently, there wasn't an easy or inexpensive way to find out. But thanks to recent advancements in at-home testing technology, you can assess your NO level and regularly monitor how changes in your diet, activity level, and use of supplements are affecting it. There is absolutely no guesswork involved. 

Get ready. Get set. Test!

here for more information on the (super) easy and (really) affordable NO assessment package that can help you achieve and maintain your potential for peak performance, all season long! 
Then take a few minutes to learn more about nitric oxide and the POSITIVE and MEASURABLE difference it can make in your training and racing results. 

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Getting ready for the 2016 racing season?

Take advantage of our pre-season special! Use the code GOBEET by February 9th to save 20% on your next order of Pure Clean Powder or an NO assessment package. As a bonus, you'll receive 3 FREE single-serve Pure Clean Powder single-serve packets and 5 FREE nitric oxide assessment strips. Be UNBEETABLE!

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