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The Perfect Strength and Recovery Strategy

You might be surprised to learn that more protein isn't the ultimate solution.

As an athlete, you know that protein is important—not only for energy, but for physical growth and repair. It seems logical to think that more is better. But this simply isn’t the case.

Athletes don’t need more protein, they need more amino acids

The body requires access to a total of 22 different amino acids, which

play a role in its ability to produce energy and maintain optimum physical function.  Eight of the 22 amino acids are defined as ‘essential’ because they are not manufactured by the body; they must be derived from dietary proteins and/or an essential amino acid supplement....

Without an adequate supply of essential amino acids, the body cannot build muscle, develop stamina or recover well from strenuous, physical activity. About 75% of all athletes are deficient in at least one essential amino acid and, as a result, fail to recover quickly or completely.  

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.   

And every type of dietary protein contains a different blend of amino acids.  It is commonly believed that one protein source is just as effective as another when it comes to supplying the body with the resulting amino acids it needs.   

But all proteins are not created equal.   

Some have a higher ‘biological value’ than others; they have a better balance of the eight essentials the athlete needs.  Organic grass-fed meats, wild fish, poultry and whole eggs are good examples of high biological value proteins.

Other foods have a lower biological value; they contain a less than optimal mix of the eight essential amino acids and are more difficult for the body to use.  Examples of these are whey, casein, soy beans, nuts and egg whites.  

What about all those pricey, ‘high-tech’ whey, soy and casein-based powders and bars?  Despite all the sales hype, they are wasteful and ineffective.  Only 18% of their protein content is actually utilized by the body.   

Opting to eat high biological value proteins is a great place to start, but it probably won’t be enough.  Not everyone can fully digest them due to an insufficient supply of stomach acids or digestive enzymes, both of which decline with the stress of training and racing—and with age.  

As a result, it makes sense for anyone interested in improving their performance and well-being to supplement their diet with a balanced essential amino acid formula that does not require digestion and can be directly utilized by the body for growth and recovery.     

Just as all proteins are not created equal, neither are all essential amino acid supplements.   

Most contain artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and non-nutritive fillers.  And the exact ratio of amino acids contained in each formula may vary, too.  TheFundAminos essential amino acid formula is completely natural and filler-free.  This ‘gold-standard’ formula offers a unique blend of the eight essential amino acids, is 100% utilized by the body and four times more effective than protein powders when it comes to building and repairing the body! 

Don’t let optimal recovery to hold you back.   

Use FundAminos for one months and you’ll see the difference. We promise!  

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