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November Special: 25% off Pure Clean Packets and Free Blender Bottle

We all know that a healthy diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, contributes to an athlete’s health and performance. But in 2013, the University of Exeter showed that athletes who supplemented their diet with nothing but beet juice were able to extend their time to exhaustion or endurance by a full 16 percent!
Why does beet juice improve athletic performance? It contains large amounts of naturally-occurring dietary nitrates, which support the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide or NO. Among other things, NO acts as a vasodilator; it increases the size of the blood vessels for improved oxygen delivery and a higher VO2 capacity....

For many years, athletes struggled to make drinking beet juice more practical and convenient. Juicing a bunch of beets every morning is not only time consuming and messy, but also expensive and impractical. And there’s no way to know how many nitrates the fresh beets contain.

The alternative? Nitrate-certified Pure Clean Powder!
Pure Clean Powder is the only organic, nitrate-certified (each serving provides 250 milligrams of dietary nitrates per serving) available. And it’s easily mixed with juice, water; or added to a smoothie.

Need a simple, on-the-go recipe that doesn’t require a blender?

Try this:

Start with 1 and ¼ cups coconut (or plain) water and a few ounces of a high-antioxidant juice (like pomegranate or blueberry) in a Blender Bottle.

Add 1 packet of Pure Clean Powder and shake well.

Some athletes substitute milk or a milk alternative for the coconut water. Or they combine both! Other options include adding a few drops of alcohol-free, liquid stevia; a tablespoon of acai powder or a teaspoon of chia seeds.

Don’t have a Blender Bottle? 

Take advantage of this special offer and get one FREE (while supplies last) with your purchase of 30 single-serve Pure Clean Powder packets. PLUS you’ll receive an additional 25% off!

GO to and use code PCPBLENDER25 during the month of November—or until supplies run out.