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Not Just for Athletes: Learn How You Can Benefit from FundAminos: Part 2

Amino acids are the foundational building block of optimal health and performance. In my last post, I discussed their "big picture" importance and how they can best be used. In this post, you'll learn more about how they can help you reach your specific health and performance goals.

Let’s start by taking a look at WHO can benefit from the use of amino acids:...

ATHLETES:During exercise, the structural proteins in the body are damaged. This damage is what causes the soreness felt after a hard workout. By providing it with an adequate source of essential amino acids, the body can repair itself with much greater ease and efficiency. Physical recovery time is reduced, training adaptations are greater, and the immune system is protected. In addition, the regular use of FundAminos from Core 4 Nutrition will stimulate cellular energy production, improving strength, power output, and endurance.

VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS:  Even the most balanced of diets won't provide the body with a large enough supply of essential amino acids. The digestive process is often inefficient due to a number of pervasive nutrient imbalances and common digestive difficulties. Many of the amino acids found in foods are lost to these inefficiencies; the entirety of what's eaten is never fully absorbed or completely utilized by the body. Since FundAminos is a vegan-based formula with a 99% absorption rate, it's an excellent choice for those who want to establish and maintain adequate essential amino acid levels while eating a meatless, lower-protein diet.  

DIETERS: Weight loss requires not only a reduction in calories and appetite, but an increase in the body's ability to access and burn its fat stores for energy. SinceFundAminos is a super-efficient, close-to-calorie-free substitute for dietary protein, it can be used to blunt the appetite without depriving the body of the necessary nutrients it needs. By using FundAminos twice daily, its possible to eliminate 250 protein calories from the diet. The end result? Faster fat loss and greater lean muscle mass.

THE OVER 50 CROWD: As we get older, stomach acid production declines resulting in impaired protein digestion. Weak muscles, easier falls, soft bones with increased risk of fracture, low neurotransmitter levels (that can cause depression), poor memory, and poor sleep are just a few of the possible results. Anyone over the age of 50 can benefit from the daily use of FundAminos as a basic health and wellness supplement. 

LONG LIFE ENTHUSIASTS:  Since FundAminos don't require digestion and are virtually calorie free, they can be used during intermittent fasting periods (extending from 15 to 72 hours) to protect the body against catabolism and lean muscle loss. Using this product as a protein substitute will also lead to a reduction in dietary methionine, which is found in animal protein and has been linked to both inflammation and pre-mature aging.

BODYBUILDERS: FundAminos contains 50% Branch Chain Amino Acids, which promote muscular growth and repair. BCAAs (particularly leucine) stimulate protein synthesis, perhaps to a greater extent than a complete, dietary protein can. BCAAs also support the cellular machinery responsible for carrying out the process of protein synthesis. In short, they not only increase the rate of protein synthesis, but the cell's capacity for protein synthesis! 

THOSE RECOVERING FROM INJURY OR SURGERY: A healing body requires more protein. Without the use of an amino acid supplement, it can take the body weeks (sometimes months) to recover a positive nitrogen balance following a serious injury or surgery. With FundAminos, this restorative process can begin immediately. The recommended dosage? One scoop twice daily for a week prior (to scheduled surgery), and six to eight weeks following (an injury or surgical procedure). 

THOSE WITH COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS: The strength of the immune system is driven by protein. In fact, immune cells manufacture their own proteins that are the protective forces used by the body to ward off infections. As a result, a protein or amino acid deficit will naturally result in compromised immunity. This deficit can be corrected with the regular use of FundAminos.

THOSE WHO NEED MORE ENERGY: Energy production is protein dependent. The parts of the cell that create energy from food are made of protein and the enzymes that actually create the energy particle (ATP) are also made of protein. The use of an essential amino acid formula like FundAminos will provide the body with all of the building blocks it needs to create these proteins--and more energy! 

THOSE WHO WANT TO COMBAT HARMFUL STRESS: Many of the body's hormones are made of protein; growth hormone, thyroid hormone, and insulin, just to name a few. When the body lacks protein, however, it will fail to make enough hormones for physical (and mental) function. Low hormone levels lead to pre-mature aging, fatigue, weight gain, and many other chronic health problems. UseFundAminos to provide the body with the ample supply of essential amino acids it needs for optimal, hormone health. 

CHILDREN AND TEENS: A dose of ¼ scoop for every 20 pounds of body weight will provide for the complete, daily supply of protein every child needs for healthy growth, bones, immunity, and brain development. As an added bonus, knowing that your child or teenager is getting enough protein by supplementing his or her often-less-than-ideal food choices with FundAminos just might make meal times less stressful! 

MENOPAUSAL WOMEN: Research has shown that the vast majority of menopausal women are protein deficient. And that many of their symptoms (which include fatigue, mood swings, poor sleep, dull hair, fragile finger nails, and bone loss) are the resulting consequence. FundAminos can provide menopausal women with the essential amino acids they need to optimize their body's ability to absorb and utilize the proteins necessary for better hormone, neurotransmitter, hair, nail, and bone health.

PREGNANT AND NURSING MOTHERS: Your dietary the protein needs are much higher; and your digestion much less than ideal. Use FundAminos on a regular and ongoing basis to protect and preserve and promote lean muscle mass while providing well for the complete, nutritional needs of your baby.

THOSE SUFFERING FROM POOR BONE HEALTH: Bones are made of minerals and a unique protein structure called collagen. A deficiency in this particular protein will lead to bone mineral loss, a decrease in bone density and, eventually, the onset of brittle bones. Those who suffer from this condition will benefit greatly from the daily use of FundAminos and a readily-absorbed form of Vitamin D3.  

THOSE WITH LIVER OR KIDNEY DISEASE: Those with liver or kidney disease must follow protein-restricted diets because their bodies cannot eliminate the nitrogen waste--a a normal and natural by-product of the digestive process. Low protein intake can cause the systems of the body to break down, leading to immune suppression and pre-mature death. FundAminos can safely be given to liver and kidney disease patients because it produces less than 1% nitrogen waste. By takingFundAminos, they can be nourished with the full amount of essential amino acids they need to live longer, healthier lives. 

THOSE EXPOSED TO TOXINS: All of the detoxification pathways in the body are dependent on essential amino acids. A protein (and therefore amino acid) deficiency will interfere with the body's ability to rid itself of harmful toxins. In today's modern and industrial world, its nearly impossible to avoid being exposed to the harmful effects of environmental pollutants, radiation, second-hand smoke, chemical additives, and artificial preservatives--regardless of how careful we are. Use FundAminos to support your body's ability to fight back! 

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