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The Most Common Supplement Questions: 5 of 5

In my last post, I explained why you still need to take nutritional supplements even if your regular check-up;assessments show no sign of disease. Did you miss it? Read it;here.

Now let's move on to the last and most important question.

Question:How do I decide which supplements to take?

Answer:After assessing the nutritional status of hundreds of people over the past five years, we have learned that those who adhere to the supplement selection guidelines benefit the most.  

1.  Optimize the nutrients that form your body’s health and fitness FOUNDATION. 

Focus on the four critical factors for health. Whole food derived nutrients, vitamin D, nitric oxide and omega 3 fats....
2.  Seek SYNERGY. Take a combination of nutrients that work together, each enhancing the effects of the others.  

Just as the parts of the body work as a unit, each of the four, critical nutrients work in conjunction with the others to enhance their combined effectiveness for measurable and lasting results. When taken regularly together these simple—yet powerful—food-based formulas are all your body really needs to succeed! 

3.  Keep it REAL. Supplement your diet with food and botanical concentrates. 

Although the inexpensive prices of the supplement products sold by major retailers may be tempting, the vast majority of these products contain more non-nutritive fillers and preservatives than vitamins and minerals. And the nutrients they do contain are synthetic and difficult for the body to use. Use supplements derived exclusively from real fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Whole-food nutrients are more potent because they are better recognized and utilized by the body. 

4.  Use PROVEN formulas.

Do the supplements you take really work?  If the company you're buying them from doesn't offer an assessment or direct way to objectively measure their product's effectiveness, you can only guess and hope. 

5.  Follow a supplement program that's CONVENIENT. 

In order to achieve optimal results, you need to take nutritional supplements in the correct amount and on a regular, ongoing basis.  If the products don't taste good or are difficult to obtain and/or use, chances are you won't stick with them. And you won't come any closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. 

6.  Aim for LASTING health and performance benefits

Drinking a cup of coffee or taking a"5-Hour Energy" shot may give you an immediate boost, but true and lasting benefits require a more long-term strategy.  Better health and performance are built in increments. And the effects of nutritional supplementation are cumulative.  Give your body the restorative time it needs and you'll come out a winner in the long run.  

7.  CUSTOMIZE your supplement program over time.  

From a physiological standpoint, your body is completely unique—and so is its need for nutritional supplements. While the Core 4 program will provide you with all the fundamental nutrients your body needs for optimal health and performance, your restorative needs may change over time. The use of at-home laboratory assessments will give you the ability to measure your results and, if necessary, adjust your product selection and/or dosage to satisfy your body’s individual needs. 

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