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The Most Common Supplement Questions: 3 of 5

In my last post, I explained why taking conventional, multi-vitamin is not just ineffective, but potentially harmful to your health. If you missed that post, you can read it;here.

Now let's move on to the next, most frequently-asked question.

I've seen multi-vitamin, antioxidant, vitamin D and fish oil formulas that cost less online. Aren't these products good enough to get the job done?  

Answer:  No. 

After assessing the vitamin D, omega 3, nitric oxide and other critical, nutrient factors of hundreds of different people, we've discovered that the vast majority of those who regularly take conventional supplements still have deficiencies. Why? Because the "recommended dosage" guidelines on the label are too general and typically too low. And since most conventional supplements are not made from whole-food bases, even larger doses aren't well-absorbed or effective. While some supplements cost less, they're not really a bargain because they simply don't work....

Here are the most common reasons why:

*They're not taken in the correct amount or in conjunction with the correct, accompanying products. 
*The bio-availability of even high-quality supplements (even those containing food-based concentrates) can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and batch to batch.

*Isolated multi-vitamin and mineral formulas (like vitamin D or iron) lack the hundreds of accompanying phyto-nutrients that are naturally found in whole foods. In order to be effective, nutrients need to be taken in their naturally-occurring, synergistic state.   

*There is no scientific or objective way to assess the results of a conventional supplement. Measurability is the key variable that sets Core 4 products apart from all the rest.

Key Point:  At Core 4 Nutrition, we won’t sell a product unless we know it works. That’s why each and every one of our formulas is tried, true, and tested through a combination of assessments and direct feedback from our hundreds of happy, healthy Core 4 Nutrition program members. When you purchase a Core 4 formula, you can rest assured knowing that you've spent your money wisely. 
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