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The Most Common Supplement Questions: 2 of 5

In my last post, I explained why taking nutritional supplements is essential for optimal health and performance--even for those who are dedicated to eating well. You can read more on that topic here.

Now let's move on to the next, most frequently-asked question.

Question:I take a multi-vitamin supplement every, single day. Isn't that good enough?

Answer:  Not a chance!

The human body is composed of thousands of different biochemicals, which all need to interact predictably and efficiently for optimal health and performance. After years of study and analysis, we know that of the thousands, there are four critical factors (vitamin D, omega 3 fats, nitric oxide, and antioxidants and micronutrients derived from whole foods) that support the body's ability to function at its most basic, cellular level. Without optimal levels of these four factors--no matter what multi-vitamin or combination of other supplements you choose to take--you simply can't look, feel, or perform your very best.   

It may seem startling, but having less than optimal levels of vitamin D, omega 3, and nitric oxide will significantly limit your body's ability to produce energy, build muscle mass, and recover from the effects of both physical and mental stress. This makes it difficult to lose weight, make strength or endurance gains, enjoy consistent energy, and stay well when the cold and flu season (just around the corner) arrives. 

Even worse, having extremely low levels of these critical factors may be as harmful to your long-term health as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day, being 30 pounds overweight, and never exercising!  While most people try hard to avoid these health risks, their efforts are fruitless if their four critical factors are deficient or imbalanced.  Even those who don't notice the insidious, every-day effects associated with a nutritional imbalance will likely experience some form of chronic, "dis-ease" over time and with age.  Cancer, heart disease, immune dysfunction, mental disorders, and rapid aging can all be linked to long-term, nutritional deficits.

Key Point: A successful supplement program needs to optimize the four, critical factors for health and performance: vitamin D, omega 3 fats, nitric oxide, and whole food-derived antioxidants and micro-nutrients.

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