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Lessons Learned About Chocoberry Blast

It's funny how you can discover things due to mistakes or happenstance. This is a short story on how I learned or confirmed why I love taking Chocoberry Blast every day and why you should as well.

Last week, my son and I had to head to down to Los Angeles. As we were going to be gone most of the day, I blended up a nutrient dense smoothie in our Vitamix and loaded then into our trusty green 32-ounce Mason jars.

A little way down the 101, we pulled out our “breakfast” and with the first sip, we both knew something was wrong. My son, turned to me and said, “Dad. You forgot the Chocoberry Blast.” While the drinks were still fine, it truly felt like something was missing (over 61 fruits, vegetables and botanicals). Other than the taste being not as good as usual, we didn’t think much of it and were glad that the traffic on the the 405 over the Sepulvada Pass was light.

A few hours later, on the way home, my son turned to me again and said, “Dad, I am hungry. Are we going to grab some food on the way home?” In fact, I was feeling a bit hungry as well. This was unusual as we make this trip every 4 to 6 weeks at virtually the same time and we never feel that we need to stop to eat as my super blender drink always holds us for 4 to 5 hours or more.

Then I remembered about forgetting the Chocoberry Blast!....

We never make a drink without it. So even though the blender drink had the same protein, fat and carbohydrate combination as usual, without the added nutrition from Chocoberry Blast, not only was the taste a bit bland but it just didn’t pack the same body fueling punch.

To test out the theory, I repeated the test a few days later, this time intentionally leaving out the Chocoberry Blast and just as on our road trip, I was hungry a few hours later.

The lesson here is while we need a proper balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates,  the human body also needs an abundant supply of the whole and naturally-occurring nutrients found in fresh, raw vegetables, fruits and herbs.   

So, if you would like more energy, grerater focus and less hunger, take the Chocoberry Blast Challenge!

Packed with a powerful and synergistic blend of more than 60 different fruits, vegetables and botanicals, Chocoberry Blast provides the equivalent of over 15 servings of fruit and vegetables and is a delicious way to obtain the vital nourishment your body needs for peak health and performance 

Here's how to use the Chocoberry Blast for optimal results:

Chocoberry Blast, can be mixed directly with water, but it's best added to coconut or almond milk; blended into a smoothie or you can even blend in with coffee to make a delicious, nutritious Chocoberry Mocha blend. You can see a hot recipe here and an iced version here. Feel free to take an extra scoop or two daily during times of high-physical and/or emotional stress. You'll really love how you feel. 

Many people use it when traveling, to supplement meals that don’t contain an adequate amount of green vegetables, as a mid-afternoon energy boost, or as a recovery formula mixed with high-quality, Pure Paleo protein. Pure Paleo protein not only tastes great and is super easy to digest but provides collagen building blocks that you can't get from whey, rice etc.

Here’s my regular morning blender recipe:

2 scoops Chocoberry Blast

2/3 scoop Pure Paleo Protein
1 TBL Great Lakes collagen
1 TBL Udos 3:6:9 oil
1 TBL MCT Oil either Bulletproof or Leftcoast brand
1 egg
1/4 avocado (provides smooth consistency)
1/3 banana
4 to 6 ounces of cold brew coffee
1 TBL organic cocoa
8 ounce of coconut milk
Ice and water to desired consistency

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