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Learn How You are Aging by Assessing your Biological Age

A few weeks ago, I shared the amazing fact that lobsters do not age, they get bigger, stronger and more virile as they get older. In fact, they never die unless they acquire a rare disease, are injured or are eaten!

The reason for this amazing feat of longevity is lobsters have the innate ability to lengthen their telomeres. As you may or may not know, telomeres are the protective end caps of our chromosomes, which naturally shorten as we age. When telomeres become too short, they fail to protect our chromosomes. The function of our cells becomes impaired and they begin to make mistakes as they replicate themselves. These mistakes are the reason we age. Check out the 

Measuring the length of your telomeres can reveal your true biological age. And knowing the length of your telomeres can provide answers to questions like:

Is your dietary strategy on target?  Are you taking enough of the right kind of nutritional supplements?  Is the stress of life beginning to take its toll?  Is a chronic lack of sleep wearing you down?  Were you given the genetic gift of naturally-long telomeres or is your body aging prematurely?

While there are now several different telomere assessment options, the "gold standard" in testing is offered by Lifelength Lab in Spain.  Life Length’s TAT
®test is by far the most accurate and reliable telomere measurement tool in the world. You can learn more about the Lifelength TAT® assessment in this 5 minute video. And more about telomeres on their website at

If you've ever considered testing your telomeres, this may be the time to do it. Now, through the end of June, Lifelength is offering a special promotional price on their teleomere assessment.  At $599.00 (regularly $750.00), the price may be prohibitive. But I highly recommend it for those who have the means; it's a great opportunity to determine assess how fast (or slow) you are aging.  Armed with this information, you can take steps to slow down--and even reverse--the hands of time.

Those who cannot take advantage of this offer should know that the price of this assessment will likely become lower as more people assess their telomere length. Previously,  the cost of the assessment was over $1000.00.  And the lab hopes to have it priced under $300.00 within the next five years as they project that millions of people will be using it. 

If you are interested in the Lifelength telomere test, email or call me at #360.450.3768 and I'll tell you more about how the process (which involves a simple, laboratory blood draw) works and fill you in on how to take advantage of this special assessment price.